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Great book! Love the homage to TDKR Selina in terms of attitude and knife heels.

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Fair review. This one is much better than 0 or any of the Judd Winick issues. I'd add how she goes about moving the chess piece to the good list. I think it was clever and innovative, brought up Catwoman's game up from previous issues. Rafa's art is a big plus. As for the bad stuff, yeah, that comment about hot blooded girl had me cringing. And yes, Selina's voice does not come naturally to Nocenti. But, all in all, I was still pleasantly surprised and I liked the issue.

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Agree for the most part except that Brubaker actually wrote her as a former prostitute. He basically retconned Year One and Her Sister Keeper back into her canon. Now, it looks like it's out. As bad as the 0 issue might be, that's one potential silver lining.

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The kitty signal isn't all that original. It's a riff off Hitman summoning her with a dead cat. That was funnier actually.

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Between Winick and Nocenti, Catwoman's stuck between a rock and a hard place. She must have crossed her own path bec she's been drawing the shortest straws in this reboot.

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I'd rate this book much higher than the last two as well.

I loved the flashbacks with Lola -- wide-eyed Selina so excited about her first loot, the photos of her goofing around with Lola on vacation. A Catwoman with joie de vivre is something I haven't seen in a while (certainly not in that PoS, Gotham City Sirens)

Some people might have gotten turned off with the extreme violence and Selina seeming out of control, but the events that follow compensate for it. The encounter with Bats showed some really quick thinking on her part (i.e. how she set him up so she could get away) and her going back to the apartment to torch anything connecting her to the robberies showed a presence of mind that overcame the emotional state she was in. Very nice character moments.

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I had a feeling I may have been wrong about the escort line & I did not know about the prostitute storyline. I'm only basing my judgement on the new 52 and how they are characterizing women in general. I think Marvel's equivalent to Catwoman is the 616 Black Widow. She too is a seductress and i'm sure she used sex as a weapon but the way she is shown to compose herself you don't get the slut feeling from her. At least not what I have read the last few years. X-23 was a prostitute but in my opinion, her story is well written and I think she is one of the stronger female leads over at Marvel.

I think you've hit the nail on the head. The big difference between Black Widow and Catwoman is that Natasha was lucky enough to be written by Marjorie Liu while Selina drew the short end of the stick in this reboot and ended up with Judd Winick. In fact, my dream team for this book would have been Liu on writing, Yanick Paquette on pencils and Adam Hughes on covers. Catwoman would have been unstoppable.

As far as comparing her to that JLo & the dress she wore.... The father of her kids did divorce his then wife to be with yea......

I think that's just routine in Hollywood. From what I've read J Lo is a very hard working and driven person. Very business savvy too, building a multi-million dollar empire from scratch.

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Not going to go over the sex scene, it's pretty black and white to me what that is and the overall direction on what DC wants this new 52 overall to be when it comes to women. They are marketing this to all the little boys that got wet all over themselves watching Megan Fox bending over on Transformers. Was there any reason to show Catwomen jumping around with 1/2 her costume on in that opening scene or Megan Fox on top of that bike with the butt shot, or the other butt shot in the opening scene in TF3? All the kids I saw reading that issue said something like, boob, boob, boob, boob and omg that last scene!!

I do agree with your statement on DC's intent. It smacks of desperation, no?

The dress, by itself is not a big deal to me but she's not going to some club, she's at a high priced event dressed looking like a hooker. If I remember correctly, Bruce even asked if she was one. (I could be completely wrong about the whole prostitute line since I don't have the issue on me right now and just going on memory). A classy lady may want to cover up just a bit especially if its a dinner that cost as much as it did.

You might want to reread that conversation again. Selina asked him, "How do you know I'm not an escort" and Bruce said "You're not. I know all of them in town". The dress I take for what it is.

As for the dress, let me ask you something. Is it because of Miller's prostitute origin that colors your judgement? If the dress were worn by someone like Helena B. or Dinah Lance, would you say they were dressing like hookers too? A lot of red carpet dresses are revealing, like the Versace one worn by J Lo:

Then the whole, "let's roll together naked in this pile of money" line. Again, by itself, it could be taken as just one girl being completely comfortable with her friend making a harmless comment. Unfortunately when you put all of these things together, it tends to make Selena look like a slutty.

I didn't read the statement the way you did. She was excited about her score.

As far as the rape scene, it's mostly in jest but I do find it funny that technically, Batman got raped. According to Catwomen, he does protest every single time. No means no Selena. As if Batman didn't go through enough seeing his parents get shot, now he is constantly getting raped.

Yet he keeps coming back for more. The man is a masochist, isn't he ;)

Seriously, I never saw it as rape. It's more like a game they play. I have to say that I could have done without the blow by blow since it wasn't really adding to the story. My guess is that Winick was too lazy to write a more interesting story so he just put some filler sex in it.

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the reason some people get upset when a female character is called slutty.....or a slut (which by the way is the same shit no matter how you spin it) because of the double standards that exist......

i adore the character and its because she is not afraid of sexuality that i like her more..........

Just because a women is comfortable with her sexuality doesn't mean she has to act like a slut. This catwoman is a slut. End of issue 1 shouldn't leave much doubt to that and her speech, dress and action just confirms it in issue 2.

And speaking of double standard, if the role was reverse (Batman finding Catwoman in the batcave just wanting to talk but instead Batman rips her clothes off and rides her like a donkey), it could be considered rape.

What about it screams slut to you?

1. End of issue #1, she had sex with Batman. So? We're coming into this in the middle so we don't really know what's gone on between those two. Even though they don't know each other's identity, we know this isn't a one night stand.

2. Both of the scenes where we've seen her in civilian dress have been her in disguise. Frankly, I think the red dress looks great on her although the whip around the hip is a strange fashion accessory

3. What speech? The part where she says she enjoys sex with a man she likes?

As for the "rapey" feel of the sex scene, I'd chalk that up to Judd Winick's ghastly writing.

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This is the saddest argument I have ever seen. Look, Catwoman is a fictional character. That for some reason someone is defending.

Why is that hard for you to comprehend? Look around the other threads. You'll see that happening for other characters too. Fans do it all the time.

Look the issue is this. One person said the book should be called Slutty Catwoman. Some moron got offended and said that this was wrong. The other person attempted to explain that they were not calling Catwoman a slut (which they explained quiet well to anyone but the offendee apparently). I happen to agree if they wanted to say Catwoman IS a slut they would have said something like, the book should be called Catwoman the slutty slut bag slut. Not Slutty Catwoman.

Splitting hairs, much? Or backpedaling to the same position?

Let's be real about something here, Catwoman uses her sexuality to get what she wants. I think we can all agree on that. Hell, I know we have all pretty much agreed to that. Now, how does she do this? How does one "use their sexuality to get what they want?" Here's a hint, it's not by acting like a prude. That's right it's acting slutty. Anyone with a brain can see that and admit that. If you don't you are nearly fooling yourself.

Actually, there's a wide range of ways women can "use sexuality to get what they want". In fact, there was one recently in the news where African women withheld sex from their husbands as a form of political protest :

So, are you going to call them "slutty"? Maybe you just need to broaden your understanding of women in general.

Quit trying to act all high and mighty and offended when all he did was state the truth and if nothing more his opinion.

Now you're losing me. "Stating the truth" or offering an "opinion" are two different things.

Remember, FICTIONAL CHARACTER. F-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-L C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R. You don't know her, you don't call her on the phone, you don't go out for scones on a Saturday afternoon.

Well, neither do you.

So instead of arguing about something retarded, why not spend your time trying to educate yourself as to why arguing about stupid crap like this is only making you more idiotic?

And I would say the same of you.