Bring the Mutant Underground Back!

I know we have X-Force and they are supposed to be the mutant hitsquad, but why can't we still have a mutant "spook" team on the side. One that deals with the government sanctions against mutants and going undercover. I like X-force don't get me wrong, but they don't really do anything spy-like. Just go after the enem ies and cut them up. I wanna see some actual undercover work, creating fake id's, gleaning info out of people. And some with actual espionage training/skills. Maybe something like:
 the quieter side of mutant warfare


Field Agents:
1. Bedlam (field leader - makes tech go haywire - hacker)
2. Risque (demolitions - 1st contact for informants)
3. Pulse (portable power dampener - occassional "locksmith/safe cracker")
4. Vincente (cover - quick infiltration - occassional biological attack)
5. Primal (muscle - weapons maker - field medic)
6. Maggot (muscle - reconnaissance)

Changeling (the boss)
Tessa (the boss II)
Shortpack (field-handler)
Solo (evac)
Angelo Espinosa (deep cover operative/criminal informant)
Jacob Gavin jr. (Washington Insider)
Mondo (informant - "travel agent" - provider of exotic transport)
 Elena Ivanova(psychic hotline operator - informant)

and they all get new covert ops-themed costumes.
Even though a few of them are dead, they could still be easily replaced with other mutants out there.