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Cannot stand the art work. Think it is ridiculous and misleading to call this title Siege with it having nothing to do with the original Siege event. A title called Siege would have been more relevant if it was about how the Sentry/Void was not defeated in battle and now was the ruler of Asgard and so a team has set out to reclaim Asgard and defeat him or something like that.

It's called SIEGE because they are constantly under siege by the greatest forces of evil of Battleworld.

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Why would Hawkeye be on Cap's side? He has a wife, and three little kids (one is a baby).

Why would be become a fugitive, when he has a family to protect....whose house Tony knows the location of?

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@sprior93 said:

@chillinvillain: doubtful

Doubtful? This is Bullseye we're talking about, and then Sandman is chilling right their too.

Frank certainly got his ass wrecked.

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Cap going to beat Iron Man's ass.

I don't know, based off how Iron Man has been portrayed in his action scenes (especially in Age of Ultron), Cap should get his ass kicked quite swiftly.

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This isn't Remender's fault. It's Marvel/Disney's doing.

That flashback monologue was disgusting. Do they really expect us to believe that she thought that when Mags saved her? This retcon so freaking unnecessary. Man, other than the Magneto solo, the first half of the Cyclops solo, All-New X-Factor, and Remender's X-Force, Marvel NOW has been TERRIBLE on the Mutant side for the most part. First, the pointless O5 X-Men time being brought to the present, then the giant waste of potential that was the "Revolution" and now this foolishness.

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That Punisher scene....

As badass as that scene was, we all know that, with Bullseye chillin right there at the very least, Frank got his ass merked in the following seconds.

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Okay this took me out of the movie:

Did anybody else also wonder why Ultron didn't just escape after stealing the Quinjet? I mean, if he escaped sure he'd lose the battle, but he'd still be able to fight his war. It's also stupid, and makes no sense, that he'd decide to attack the Hulk, and BW, rather than fire on Tony (who was dismantling his weapon) if he was so intent on fighting to the end.

Really, Ultron not escaping is made even more stupid when we're told by Nick Fury that the Quinjet is UNTRACEABLE, in stealth-mode....

I mean there's still a good chance he's alive given the fact that they showed Wanda "kill/murder" his main body, but then the hid Vision apparently finishing him off, but that's still sloppy writing to finish off the big bad.

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So much of my money...gone. GONE!!!!

*cries silently*

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I want a Sp//dr on-going too!!!

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Okay, this artist needs to be on this title far more often.

Last issue was some foolishness, regarding the art department.