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I don't even see how this debate (which btw has completely derailed the thread) is even still going when EMMA HERSELF said that Jean was the most gifted psi she'd ever encountered. We ALL know Emma and that's not something she's likely to admit unless its 100% true.. hell she even says it in the scan to a degree.

And folks lets not play with semantics.. We all know that "gifted" is just another word for "skilled"....

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So this is pretty much either Jean and Cyclops vs Storm OR Jean vs Storm.

-Jean (in this odd story) would love nothing better than to mind control Cyclops into helping her kill Storm in which case Storm is forced to take them both on.. which means her odds of winning are to small to compute.

-Cyclops is killed by one of them in the titanic battle that is going to happen. And it turns into Storm vs Jean.. and im sure there are multiple threads on that.

* Bloodlusted Jean instasnaps both their necks. Yes I know Storm's powers allow her to disperse,scramble,reflect (whichever the case may be) psionic energy but I've never seen her do it at the speed it would be necessary to stop Jean from killing her.

**If phoenix is in play this is a spite of cosmic proportions.

Edit- Also IMO Storm can do much...much...much...MUCH better than Cyclops.

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@koays said:

@lordofallhumans: There's no argument that Emma is the weakest of the three. Or that given the opportunity they may have done the things Emma did. But despite being premier telepaths they didn't.

Her telepathic trap on Xavier isn't a feat so much as the entirety of my point. Xavier is beyond her, so Emma had to rely on her traps to beat him. And even then he still threatens to just break out because he's stronger then her but he doesn't, it's just one of many tactics that she's used that he and Jean haven't. Plus it's not like Xavier wasn't aware that he might encounter Emma.

At no point do we see Xavier or Jean do anything like what Emma did to hide the Destiny diaries, nor did they implement the knowledge drops for field missions. Emma is just more creative in her showings then they have been.

And it doesn't say much about her shining because their gone if Jeans got at least to feats still being felt after she's gone.

Morality is the only reason they don't do most of what she does, my argument is not that she isn't creative, its that if they are more skilled then it's absurd to think she is more creative. Bringing up things Emma does while they are not present is my point. Emma would have never been able to do these feats with Charles or Jean around, she was redundant with them, which is why they gave her a diamond form.

I thought the reason Emma was given a diamond form was because Morrison wanted Colossus on his team. But since he'd just died he needed new muscle so Emma was given the new form. It had nothing to do with her being redundant.

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@w0nd said:

@jhazzroucher said:

@w0nd said:

Has she shown the ability to do things on a world wide level?

Of course!

That's cool. I wonder why she doesn't more often. The thing I liked about ultimate xmen, one of the very few things i liked...was the drew attention to the fact she didn't have to go anywhere near the battlefield to attack.

Because manipulating the weather on a world wide scale would major repercussions. Repercussions that Storm may not be able to stop.

I disagree about Storm (or any other potential omega) needing to be one from the start.

With the whole concept of secondary mutations, even with original mutations progressing, growing and developing over time, I think being a "potential omega level" mutant is plausible. I don't think you have to start out as one, since certain abilities can progress and develop into something more, and I don't think that every mutation/mutant ability has to have the potential to grow into something more either.

But when has any secondary mutation ever resulted into them turning into an omega level? Not a single mutant currently with the title of omega has gotten there via a secondary mutation.

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@abaldo said:

no, completely disagree with saying she is already omega. she is a POTENTIAL OMEGA as she hinted to even control all the forces of nature. Her weather manipulation is Alpha and any one who has weather manipulation is Alpha. So for being an alpha she is at her peak, being an omega she hasn't even scratched the surface on.

But that's just the thing. You can't be "potential omega" you either are or you aren't there is no midway zone. Being an omega lvl mutant is in your DNA it's not something you can progress to otherwise one day every mutant would be an omega and we all know that's not the case.


But I also don't want Storm to get the title omega level mutant. Why? Because it's gotten to the point that the label isn't even respected anymore. Whether or not Storm becomes an omega level mutant (by title) isn't a factor. She's damn powerful and that's not going to change.

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Good day to you all!

Some months ago DC hired actively outspoken anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card best know for his book series "Ender's Game" to write an up coming book called "Adventures of Superman" When it was announced that Card was writing the book blogs across the web went ablaze with fury. The press around it became so bad that artist Chris Sprouse left the book because the attention it was getting overshadowed the book itself. Some comic book stores took part and said they would either refused to sell it or donate some/all profits to LGBT organizations as protest to DC hiring Card. Ultimately DC took Card off the book and replaced him with Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee so the book could be released at a later date.


1) Do you think it's right for DC to pull a book based on the views of the writer/artist of said book?

2) If you were the owner of a comic book store what would you do? Refuse to sell or donate some/all profits?

3) Do you believe that a writer's personal opinions influence his/her writing to a point where it would "bleed" into the characters he/she wrote either in a negative or positive way?

Thank you all for your answers.

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Sorry for the doom and gloom question guys.

God forbid anything bad happens to G-man but if something does and he is no longer able to be editor-in-chief of Comicvine what would happen? Would the site just be shut down? Would Sara take his place? Or would CBS hire someone new?

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Battle takes place here

The storm is already at peak strength which means at any given moment 10 to 20 bolts of lightning can flare out into the battle area.

Which of these master electric manipulators can win and which ones will get fried?






ONLY electric powers are allowed. For example no super speed for Surge.

All combatants are ready to be attacked. Which means no sneak attacks!

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Since Cyclops in no longer in commission the X-men have decided to have a no holds brawl to see who should lead the X-men.

The battle will take place to the death (however they will be resurrected after the battle is done.)








Who will win and lead the X-men?!

Battle takes place in the middle of an open field. Each person starts off 20ft from each other. No morals.