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plus, you know ... Batman and Superman are no longer boyfriends best friends

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I agree, it looks like their heads were added in separately from their bodies. It's photoshop madness

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technically, Damian already is a clone, isn't he? I doubt very much Talia carried him the natural way, he was breed to be his Father

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@inferiorego said:

" Classics Illustrated had many different volumes and they did what Marvel is doing now, but more than 60 years ago. You can still find many of their abridged versions of classic novels in the back issues section of many comic book stores. "

Thanks for bringing this up - as this was the point I was going to make. 
I've got several plastic storage containers full of these classic illustrated comic books - I enjoyed reading them when I was a kid - even though by the time I got to them, they were already 20 years old. I didn't mind though. I helped me be a better reader by the time I got to classic literature in the classroom, as I had a better sense and sight of what was going on, keeping in mind that I had already read it in comic book form earlier in my life.
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The scenes which most immediately come to mind for me are from Dark Victory (#1 & #9) Alfred is quietly present ... a shadow to the future Batman

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Perhaps this is a completely geeky thing to do, but I wanted to get a sense Alfred when we catch of sight of him during a flashback sequence to Bruce's youth. We've seen the same old scene of Bruce and his dead parents in the streets countless of times ... but it's a bit more rare to stumble across the breif sights of a young Bruce in Alfred's care.

So - help me compile this list? Issues listings and scans most welcome!

(Though I have a feeling I might be the only one interested in this project, in which case over time I'll simply respond to my own thread)

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'Tis the season.

Today I was going through and organizing all my Halloween and Holiday specials, flipping through them and trying to find one story in particular.

The truth of it is, I don't recall where the comic is from ... it could very easily have been a (very well done) fan-made project or something out of an Elseworld ... somewhere. I really don't know.

But the story is (as I can recall) about Superman and Batman (of course) and they are delivering presents, but they get into a fight because it was Clark's idea and Bruce had previously chastised him for it ... is this at all familiar to anyone?

Do you know what story this is? And more importantly, where I can find it? Like I said, I've flipped through all the DCU Holiday Specials and Holiday Bash issues that I have, unable to find it ... suggestions?

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So - at the end of the day - is this going to be the same as Green Lantern First Flight? don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to it - but I'm guessing it's the same sort of origin story deal?

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@johnny spam: 
Good to know, thanks!
The art looks great
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thanks for the review. I'm not so keen on the idea of an EMO Clark Kent, but you never know, it might read well anyway - make him more human? We'll see. I like that you mentioned that the story does not involve Lex Luthor - I'm looking forward to that! (as I dislike the current stories that have Lex and Clark growing up as friends in Smallville together - I always liked them better when they didn't know one another until their Metropolis years - but that's just me.