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Yeah, still broken for me too. Guess it's not an easy one to track down...

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I'm not sure when this started, but it seems that volume searches are currently returning empty results sets.

e.g. when I issue:{my_api_key}&format=json&query=batman&page=1&resources=volume

The api returns:


Which is less than ideal...

The same search was returning the expected results last week, so this seems to be a recent breakage.

Anyone else seeing this?


Looks like this has already been reported on the Bug Reporting forum.

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I would have to say Wally.  The Waid / Wieringo run is still the definitive Flash in my eyes.

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Browser: Chrome 8 
Operating System: Windows XP 
I had an account a while back but hadn't logged in since April (username: chewtoy).  When I tried to log in a few days back I tried to do a password reset and was told that there was no account associated with that email address.
I assumed that this meant my account had been deleted due to inactivity and signed up a new one (username: chewt0y) 
I have since searched and found that my previous account still exists on the site, but I cannot log in or perform a password reset.  I also cannot link my twitter of facebook accounts to my new account (I assume that they are still registered to the previous account) 
I know I have probably made this worse by registering the second account.  Is there any way to get this sorted either by deleting the old account  or resetting the password on it so I can log in? 
Thanks in advance for any help you can give...