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BabsGirl hands down...

Catwoman and Babsgirl... now thats a tighter race ;)

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I dont get what you mean @g_man... That last page wasnt confusing. Not for me anyways.

The nurse thing was real confusing tho...

The art is top notch. Im liking the story, especially the twist at the start. The voices of the characters are a little off but I felt like that improved this issue. I cant wait for the next one.

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I really thought this issue was the weakest of the Zero Year so far.

IMO the new (old) batmobile sucked. The starting tunnel sequence was stupid and I felt like the story didnt move forward that much :/

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@herokiller12344: @colanicole: It would be the same Darkseid. Darkseid is a god who can breach dimensions and multiverses. The Darkseid one shot and Batman/Superman's first arc pretty much confirmed that.

I could be wrong tho.

On another note, MAN that fight scene was wicked! David Finch's art is just on a whole 'nother level!

Anyone else agree that he draws Batman better now than he did when he was on Batman:TDK ?

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How did forever evil #3 not make this list ?

Top of the pile is forever evil #3 for me.

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@clawfist said:

Man, I dunno. I love me some Andy Kubert art, I've really grown to like Damian too, but I couldn't get into this issue. I really tried, but I felt the voices of the characters were so off, in my opinion. Damian just shouting "Holy Crap." or Batman the way he called Damian "Young Man." he sounded like Alfred. His "Bingo." retort to a certain discovery, a lot of the dialogue just kinda took me out of the experience. Since it's only four issues long and I love the art, I'm probably gonna check out the next three issues regardless.

man your so rite on with the voices. Especially Batman's. Those first few pages felt wierd. IMO he didnt capture the correct kind of cockyness/arrogance for Damian in those pages.

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This was confusing in a lot of bits and the art wasnt good at all IMO.

Should have just given Tony Daniel the whole issue and not just the cover! That way it would have been a perfect annual.

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Guise, i just read this and it was fantastic!

The art is just sooooooo gewd! you wont be disappointed on the art. The story is really good too but short IMO.

Id give it 4.5/5 as a whole and agree with the fact that I wanted to see other bat characters react to

batmans death and damians actions afterwards.

Cant wait to see how this plays out!

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I loved this issue and the arc, all together.

I think Jae Lee's art is FANTASTIC. I love his style and I think the colors and Pak's writing are just a perfect match together. I really really hope he stays on the book for a while although im also excited for Brett Booth.

Only beef I have is that this arc was too short. Perhaps a couple more issues would have done the trick.

I felt like this could look really good if made into animation.

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