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There's a part of me that wants to do some exploring of Olivier so I can come up with a bunch of funny knight names, like Sir Vissman, or Sir Tinty, or Sir Chandistroy...

It's not easy to be me. v_v

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That may be my second favorite gif of her.

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Her sword stroke narrowly avoided negating the chance of connecting an immediate critical strike, Olivier allowed her foe to put a measure of distance between them and gain her bearings on the situation. Had she been pressed to end it immediately, there would have been consistent pressure at a high pace, as per her naturally aggressive style for singular combat, but in fact, Olivier was not pressed. Not in her mind. In hindsight, she considered it a good thing she had been made to miss. What joy could there otherwise be than the thrilling confrontation? Her prideful nature also considered the benefit of the fact that her adversary might then know whom it was she faced.

However, many in the modern world were much less knowledgeable on history. She would introduce herself just in case-

-following her disposal of the mistress' attempted sneak attack. Olivier met the energy head-on; a common tactic with many weaker or simply incompatible foes. A certain mental weakness that resided even in many self-proclaimed warriors that almost guaranteed witnessing a lack of effect chipped efficiently at resolve, which was shattered completely, almost immediately afterwards. Her body in its direct path, the energy projectile collided, as expected, with her breastplate—with enough force to hurl her back off her feet, out of the alley and into the street. And though her protective aura in passive activation had mitigated the effects, there was yet enough power and magical potential behind it to sustain some degree of notable damage.

Olivier sat up and glared, bewildered, for a moment, at the development. For the casual ease with which the projectile was cast, its effect was...moderately interesting, the empress thought to herself, standing with a renewed confident smirk.

"I am Olivier Ava Huntingrath, daughter of the great Hruodland, Chief Paladin of the Twelve Peers and head of King Charlemagne's army," she stated her introduction in her customary, almost ritualistic way, added defiant energy as if to counter Lilith's prior insulting statements. "Your rhetoric falls upon deaf ears, sorceress. For the crimes ye have committed and lives taken, this is likewise thine own swansong.

"But as ye have insulted my peerless blade, it is promised with an orchestral accompaniment of utter despair."

Brushing off the previous setback as if it hadn't happened, she dared her foe onward, once more.

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@lady_grimm: This post was a lot easier and more fun when my mood improved.

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Tasked as an orderly balancing force by the timeless pact, of those who came across her, many would have considered Olivier herself an inadvertent agent of the chaos she opposed. She regularly reneged on her duties, and when she chose to act, it was often with devastating consequence.

When she chose to accept the challenge of Lilith, it was not a choice wrought with righteous purpose, or for any sense of duty. Put simply, the empress loved the fight. The simple joy of the challenge. This one had been in her sights for longer than most.

She rode in on a storm. A whirlwind if both water and flame carried her across the ocean from the former Andres Knightfall estate in Malaga, Spain. A destructive herald of what was to come, it raged across the ocean, lifting her up above the land as it arrived ashore, minimizing potential harm unnecessarily done.

Locating the dark mistress within the city was a simple task regardless of tracking ability; she made a show of herself that would be hard to miss.

Olivier didn't concern herself with civilians. She never did. People would die and that was that; she accepted this as a fundamental truth before entering her first ever confrontation, and never endeavored to distract herself from what she considered the most practical, solution to a problem. In the long run, eliminating the threat would save more lives anyway.

The elemental triad dissipated, dropping Olivier in a direct trajectory for Grimm. Ahead of the empress, the dispersed elements sought to crush the villainess, coming together once more in a spiral storm of buffeting winds, inexhaustible flames, and scalding water.

A moment later, brandishing her blade, Olivier too came crashing down like a boulder out of a catapult.

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Lilith Libertina is an iniquitous blight on the world, when the mood strikes her. She's run with a number of villainous cadres in the past, and once launched an attack on the moon. This is how her illustrious villain career comes to an end.

@lady_grimm, this is your swan song.


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A new Fate/...Now I feel things, like excited and stuff.

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You guys are killing it.

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