Cute Alphabet Girls, ABC

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Posted by daedalus25

F - Firestar!

Posted by Donnieman v5.1

Nice list! :D

Posted by hydrabob--defunct

wow didn't go with X- X-23 (seemed obvious to me)

Posted by PowerHerc

Good concept for a list.  Bravo.
Posted by xscarletkittie

Fun list!

Posted by xerox_kitty

What a well thought out list!  Who would you put in an alphabet of cute guys?

Posted by papad1992

Some of those characters aren't the first ones that pop into my head when I think of the alphabet..... but a really cool list.... and thoughtout too!!!!

Posted by ZaberCat

Una is new to me.. I will add her to my hot girl list. =)
Posted by sithfrog

Very original list!  I enjoyed it and the variety of characters you used.
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Very beautiful list.

Posted by Hawkeye446

Love the idea.

Posted by mawgs

Great idea. Great list!

Posted by lykopis

Got my girls in there - nice twist with no X-23, but I adore Xena so we are all good. :)

Posted by Liberty

How about Ice for I?

Posted by Trapaceira

Sei lá, achei que tava faltando gente e já outras estavam no lugar errado.