Where X-men's new readers should start.

Nov. 2010   

NOTE : The intention of this Bloq post is to suggest a good way to catch up with the current sate of affairs of the X-books. There are other great stories about the X-men that you will enjoy and will give you a better knowledge about Who the X-mean really are all about.  


Here is my opinion about where to start reading the main X-books


  • The most popular book is Uncanny X-men.  By reading it you get to know the key characters and stories. It has a lot of adventures and crossovers. This is the official history book of the X-men. It is important to come to terms with:  (For additional info read Decimation and House of M). 

There is nothing that anyone can do about it. The next step is to pick up Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Utopia and Second Coming papertrades. It will give you all essentials for where we are. I will also buy the Sisterhood, but it’s not required for continuity. After all that, you can pick up the last three issues to know  where the story is right now.

  • The Uncanny X-force is the one with most action. The X-men do not kill but this team does what is necessary. They are the secret black ops of the X-world. This version is brand new, issue 1. The previous version of the book had so much success. You can pick it up right now.

  • My favorite is X-Factor. They are the detective agency of the Marvel U. This team has remained unaltered for the last years. Therefore, you get to know the team members really well. They are the “independent” book of the X-world. It has a lot of the big surprise elements in it.

They are not limited to the mutant race exclusively. You can jump right into issue 207, 208, 209 and 211. This book stories go separate from the uncanny x-men as a choice but they have the same continuity. In addition, pretty much every four issues, readers get a new case. Issue 200 was the newest starting point because of the highlight number. But you do not need to start there. If you want to get the origins per say, you need to buy the Madrox papertrade. 

  • X- Men Legacy is the book for the new generation of mutants. I am not sure in which direction this book is going right now. They are not a mutant trainee program but it has a lot of field experimentation. The mentor is Rogue but it is more of a big brother program. You can pick up next issue 242. I do not think that you need  to know previous continuity.

  • The New Mutants are the next wave of mutants that Professor X trained. They are all grown ups now so they have to start earning their dues into the X-men universe. They are following instructions from X-men central. It has a great cast. The art was stunning a few issues ago. I do not like the new artist but they come and go. The writer is fine but not outstanding.

There are two more main X-books: the Astonishing X-men and X-men but I am not following them so I can really say anything about them. The astonishing X-men have been around for years. Astonishing is focus on the main stream cast of X-men. The other is a new brand book where any X-men are welcome.

There are also other individual x-books:

The most successful ones are about the “Wolverine family gang”, three different titles. The new fan favorite is X-23. It’s been only three issues. I like the Origins series which focus in one X-men beginnings, one at the time. The generation of Hope, etc   

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

That is a very well done blog. It is both informative, and insightful. New readers can definitely benefit from this. Here are my current picks. 

My Current Picks!
Posted by Shadowdoggy

my number one tip to new readers looking to get into X-books?????? STAY AWAY FROM X-MEN: FOREVER 
it's like half a step above a comic you get free at the dentist's office
Posted by Shadowdoggy
@Illyana Rasputin:
good call on the WW books, btw 
it's a great time to get into Diana all over again or for the first time
Posted by Baron_Emo

I wanted to pick up the WW book, but I've heard so many bad things about it, I wasn't sure.

Posted by Shadowdoggy

it's pretty cool  
I think 600 is a great place to start 
but it's hard because we're just now starting to see signs of what this whole alternate Diana thing means to the rest of the DCU 
so it may be worth waiting 
but I think it's great 
I'm a fan of it
Posted by Jnr6Lil

Age of Apocalypse is good if you're looking for a just  agoo d straight edge story.
Posted by Chesapeake

Thanks for the positive reviews.

Posted by Biondello

For X-Men I would suggest starting in the 490's, just when they move to San Francisco. And if you are a really new reader I would start with the awesome X-Men First Class series for a light hearted look at the original five.  
Otherwise awesome list, I could have used this when I started reading. 

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Uncanny x-men would be the bes to start also.
Posted by JairamGanpat

I've just started with X-Men and I'm reading  
Uncanny is a pretty good start because its introducing all these new characters in the new arc. Wolverine really is just if you want to get to know Wolverine though.

Posted by Gold Dust Boi

I took a couple of years off of collecting and when i came back i found that House of M/Decimation/Civil War was a great place to jump back into Marvel.  The X-world flows really smoothly from there i think.  you go from House of M to Decimation...which leads right into Messiah Complex then Divided We Stand leading into Manifest Destiny...then off to X-Force and Messiah War...Then follow all the main x-books right into Second Coming.  It was actually a pretty easy track to follow...you know, if you have too much time on your hands :)

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Great blog. Thanks for this.

Posted by eldestrisk

Real good job. =) BTW X-Factor is also my favorite. Favorite book, favorite team.

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i think they should start after second coming after the events things seem to almost restart and reintroduce somethings.
like uncanny x-men,x-men,new mutants,x-factor,uncanny x-force,wolverine,and namor
the last 3 just started so that should be little bit easier
i love the uncanny x-force book
i would like x-factor cuz i love shatterstar but im not to wild bout his bi-curiosity with rictor =/ i dont know why im just not

Posted by Nitroniss

good list. I could have added a bit more to it, but we aren't talking about the essentials now are we? You are right The best place to start for modern x-men is house of M... But I would recomend to start at the Avenger disassemble, even tough it is not x-men related per say, it gives the feedback a new reader would want to have picking up house of M. Because if not that yuo have no idea what happend and why scarlet witch is doing this and what happened before the events.

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Nice for the new readers that are reading uncanny i suggest starting from  

The New Age, basically alot has happened to the x-men till this point where storms team from the X-treme X-men joins and they take charge of basically the whole franchise up until M-day  which is something else new readers need to take a look at
I was just thinking of this series and x-treme x-men as good jump on points for new readers.
Posted by HurricanePanther
@THUNDERBOLT30: yeah they both are. mainly because if you started reading The New Age without knowledge of X-treme you would be a bit lost
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I'm a fairly new X-Men reader started about 2 years ago and I didn't go in any particular order, but basically I started off in this order 



 Second Coming 
Posted by Chesapeake
@IllyanaRasputin said:
"I'm a fairly new X-Men reader started about 2 years ago and I didn't go in any particular order, but basically I started off in this order 


Second Coming

This is a good summary

Posted by misterz173

Thanks for the suggestion!

Posted by Chesapeake

Lets try to be helpful again

Posted by John Valentine
@Chesapeake said:
" @IllyanaRasputin said:
"I'm a fairly new X-Men reader started about 2 years ago and I didn't go in any particular order, but basically I started off in this order 


Second Coming

This is a good summary

Include House of M too.
Posted by Chesapeake
You can start with the current issue, # 220. Generally speaking, the X-factor story arc last 4 issues. After that, the team gets a new case with a new plot.  
Therefore, you do not need to know what events happened before given that clients change constantly from case to case since they are a detective agency.  
However, it's better to start at the latest entrance point per Marvel say which was issue #200.  Issue # 200 was when the issue number changed from # 51  to # 200. A popular story arc began at issue # 40 which includes Ruby Summers, Layla Miller, Dr. Doom and Damian Tryp characters after the Madrox baby' arc debacle. This plot ended up with a keystone Issue, # 50 which wrap up the old era for the series before to get more main stream character from the marvel universe. Currently, I enjoyed the Hela and Las Vegas stories which were set up around issue # 207 and # 212.   
PS. I do not think you have to start at a specific point. I began at Messiah Complex from the major Uncanny X-men crossover. After that,  I began to hunt down all the previous issues from different comic stores in my area until I catched up. It was really fun time to complete all the issues. Today, it's a lot easy because you can buy the papertrades. The good thing about the papertrades is that you have all the issues that you need for that particular plot.
Posted by Gold Dust Boi

The best place to start is M-Day.  i took several years off of collecting because it got too expensive and some stories were getting silly and only picked up again 3 years ago.  But I wanted to know what I had missed in my time away so I did some wiki-ing and research.  If you start with Avengers Disassembled and then go through House of M you get the best jumping off point possible for not just X-men, but all of Marvel.  
Think about it : 
Avengers Disassembled --> House of M
House of M --->  Decimation/Son of M and the reboot of the entire Avengers Franchise
-Decimation set the tone for ALL the X-books event to this day and leads smoothly over the next two years into Endangered Species
Then we go directly from Endangered Species --->Messiah War (which brought us new books and stories) --->Divided We Stand --->Manifest Destiny (which brings us to San Francisco)
After Manifest Destiny we rejoin the rest of the Marvel Universe for Dark Reign (Utopia), Siege and Heroic Age.
Now you can use HOM as a starting point for the rest of Marvel also:

After House of M we got New Avengers which became the premiere Avengers book for a time and its easy to follow that into Mighty Avengers and then you get the Civil War which has everyone in it basically.  From Civil War its easy to follow the storylines from there to Secret Invasion which leads directly into Dark Reign and Siege and finally Heroic Age.
Now if its Cosmic adventure you are into its a slightly less smooth but still easy order to follow:
After House of M, part of Decimation was Son of M which followed Quicksilver stealing Terrigen Crystals.  The reprecussions of this are seen in Silent War after which the inhumans leave earth and join up in into the War of Kings (which also has Decimation-related antagonist Vulcan, just too keep this all connected for you) with the other half of the character coming fresh off of the Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest but you do NOT need to have read Annihilation to follow any of this.  From War of Kings its jsut one story after another going from War of Kings, Realms of Kings, Thanos Imperative.  
This is the reading orders and logic I used to reintroduce myself to the Marvel Universe and when I was done it was like I never left.  eBay stores are amazing for $1 comics to help you catch up.  ComicVine, UncannyXmen.net, and regular old wikipedia have amazing background and wiki pages on everything that you do not want to have to buy.  
I really hope this helped out some people get back into reading more smoothly!!!