New Thor Books

Which Thor books are you reading, or which upcoming Thor book are you looking forward to the most? 
I really like the first issue of Thor: For Asgard the art was great.  Also really looking forward to Ultimate Thor.

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I'm trying to start reading some Ninja Turtle stuff, but I'm kinda lost on where to start.  Anybody Know???



With the release of the Thor, Cap, and Green Lantern movies coming up there is sure to be some over-pimping of the characters.  My question to you is which under used character would you like to see get this treatment even without a movie?

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Back-up Stories

What is up with all these boring, unnecessary back up stories.  Are Marvel and DC really that hard up for an extra buck?  I love Captain America but is it really necessary to have a Nomad back up, I mean does anybody even care about Nomad.  DC is less of a culprit here as most of there books are 3 bucks with only a select few being 4, but Marvel is out of control.  Spider-man, Cap, and now Wolverine, this has got to stop.

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Blue & Gold part deux

In reading the latest issues of Generation Lost and also the ongoing Booster Gold I've noticed a few things.   
1. The Booster Gold series on its own is starting to get stale, there are only so many times you can go back in time to when Ted Kord was alive. 
2. Two is that Jaime and Booster are a really good pairing, as seen in the newest Generation Lost. 
Now I will admit that I'm a huge Booster fan and that I do collect the Jaime Blue Beetle run so this may just be wishful thinking, but I think these characters would work well together in a new ongoing.  I know that they have worked together in spurts in the past, but I think this may be a good way to go after Generation Lost ends.  I don't know what the sales figures on Booster are but judging by reviews it seems to be wearing on a lot of people and this may be what it needs to spice it back up.

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Superman 702

I just finished reading Superman 702 a story subtitled "Grounded."  So suffice to say I was pretty confused when Superman stubbled upon a group of aliens in Detroit.  I thought this story was supposed to be about Superman relating to humans. Its only been one issue, and they already decided that regular people just aren't all that interesting.  It sucks because I really enjoyed the first issue, the first Superman book I've liked in quite some time, the real people and real problems were kind of refreshing to see.  If they had to invent all these reasons to make Detroit, a place with many drug and gang problems, more interesting what happens when they get to a small town.  On a side note, I found it to be a bit insensitive that they basically solved all economic problems in Detroit with alien technology.  I understand its a comic, but I don't think they should just whip up a fantasy solution for a very real problem so hastily.