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If I had crazy-psionic powers, I would definitely wear a hoodie.

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me: (to Bane) Awesome!

me: (to Luthor) ....ugh.

Swamp Thing, please. Maybe Manhunter, Sasha Bordeaux, Deadshot, Catman..just some ideas.

Most importantly. This game needs multiple costumes for the characters.

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Do you think he'd kill that newspaper guy for getting ketchup on his journal?

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Saga had an alternate cover but I just went with the standard one. If I have the choice, I typically just choose the cover I like the best. I'm not big into buying multiple of the same title. The only one I've done in the past year is I've bought the 2 covers for FATALE #1. What about you guys?

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Great podcast overall and a great new guest! I have heard about Foster through Comicvine so now after hearing this guy I might pick up an issue. Austin Books and Comics actually has had the issues so I may give it a shot. I wish you could've taken some time to talk to him about the series...seems like a hugely wasted opportunity.

My major complaint about the show is one I stated from last show: can we get some content besides just reader questions?

Reader questions tend to be so limited in scope and unoriginal that it becomes pretty repetitive. Who'd win in this fight? Who should swap to the Marvel Universe from DC? What's the best series? What's the worst series? etc etc.

And since G-Man is in such a hurry to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION there really isn't any time to devote to any of the interesting topics. A little pre-screening of the questions would be awesome.

4 pizza turkey sandwiches out of 5.

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Hey Tony, (I will repost this on the podcast forum)

GREAT first episode for this new podcast. I listened to it on my day off as I ran around Austin looking for cheap comic finds (shout out to the awesome "Austin Books & Comics" and it's "Side-kick Store".

Personally I think this solo show is almost BETTER than the flagship podcast. Lately, I've felt that Sarah hasn't been holding her own (having not read issues, fading out and not commenting for long stretches, and in general not adding to the discussion). So with this solo podcast I feel that you're on point and it's non-stop information, opinions, and question answering.

Format: I like the questions, but I don't think the show needs to solely be focused on questions from readers. I think this would be a good platform for you to cover bigger topics such as a more in-depth look at comic events and certain story archs. I think you could do a 3-minute expert section every now and then on a character you're really into. 3-minute expert wouldn't have to be as well-produced, as long as it's fun. Maybe you can have a crowd-sourced 3-minute expert where you ask the audience a week in advance to write in with comments/questions/favorite parts concerning a certain character.

Videos on the site: I don't think they're important. I honestly never watch them. I read the reviews/previews. I listen to the podcasts. I loved your 3-minute expert videos but I understand that it's a pain in the butt. If you won't have help with the production aspects then there is no reason to kill yourself doing it. But I LOVED them.

Also please make a separate podcast page to keep the two shows separated please.

Keep it up Gman!

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Nice review. I thought the movie was completely overrated and boring. I wish the studios had been brave and given us a Miles Morales movie. The whole time I was watching it in the theatre I couldn't help but think that Fox was desperate to hold onto the franchise.

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This is a good sign for digital comics. Apple's iPads are pretty much going to always be too much for me to pay for a device that's not a gaming platform/PC so my household has a Kindle fire (maybe we'll get that XL kindle fire later on). The screen is a bit too small for comics at this point but I might give it another shot.

To those who keep mentioning the comixology app, I'd have to say that Comixology is far from the "be all, end all" of digital comics. To compare to pc gaming, it's no 'steam'. Comixology is cumbersome and confusing. Pretty much everyone that uses it has to do that first google search to see how to even FIND their purchased comics. It's hard to figure how to skip from last page to first page, the app always opens at your last read page which could spoil for another household member. It's just too crappy at this point. The frame to frame viewing is neat, but when I read a comic book...that's not how I read it. Like most I take in the whole page and then read sequentially.

I'm glad to hear DC is expanding. Hopefullly they'll have some good sales.

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Cast me in the lot of:

a)don't care about superman

b)probably going to read issues 1-3 of snyder's new series simply because he's on it.

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@JMLG said:

not even Maria Hill or Sharon Carter?! i kinda feel this will be boring..

Yeah, you'd think those would be necessary. Maria Hill had some pretty bad ass moments throughout Fraction's Invincible Iron Man.