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He had escaped capture, barely the wolf lady had proved he was not immortal and now the hunt for CB had begun.

This was a minor distraction however. CB still had a mission to relieve this city of its pain and decay.

He walked silently down the streets as if in a daze allowing his whispers to guide him, "pain CB pain everywhere burning death agony make better bring peace no more pain"

His eyes finally settled on her she was young and her hair was the color of red fire yet she was burned and dying her legs covered in puss filled sores and her hands little more than lepers claws the skin peeling like over dried paint.

"See her CB? suffering so beautiful and suffering she dies a slow and painful death undeserved be her angel now bring her peace free her from this suffering pain no more!"

He drifted over to her her body gave off a warm and inviting feeling she truly was not deserving of such agony he slid to the front of her

"Beautiful he muttered to her make free beauty shine in death be angel CB help"

He placed his hand around her throat her eyes frozen in terror and tears began to spill

even in all this she still bore a soft glow he gathered energy to blast her

suddenly she whispered "Ethan? Ethan is that you? it is you isn't it what have they done to you?"

"We thought you were dead...Ethan its me Elizabeth you remember me don't you?"

"Not Ethan CB...prophet weapon make pain leave heal make better world suffer make better!"

he aimed "Ethan no! stop it ten years ago our home burned most of us escaped but you saved my life remember when the bomb went off you pushed me out of the compound you remember don't you?"

She placed her hand on his face feeling the scars of years of experimentation and sadness

His whispers were insane now "liar liar evil evil stop you release her not man prophet weapon no friend no ally only suffering NO MORE PAIN!" he was lost to confusion the street faded and he was in some forgotten place and it was burning the screams of young and old filled the air bodies were dropping all around him men with guns and strange markings fired at all around them the she came her red hair dishevled and she was crying the building in which she stood was burning...moments past the image of her tears filled his mind

followed by laughter cold evil laughter "he will be perfect they laughed a perfect weapon!"

"NO! he screamed no more paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!"

He dropped to his knees as tears fell from his more no more

"Its ok Ethan I am here now she whispered no one is going to hurt you anymore"

she held him it was a long time before either of them spoke again.

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thanks guys

by the way you nuterals are hungry we got dolphin steaks burning right over at the V.V. shack

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Darkchild says:

"ill take mine rare the bloodier the better"

Puts some raw parts down on a plate

that should do

hands mags a rare slab

eat up guys we got rice and potato salad in the back

I am from Hawaii leave me alone about the rice!

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walks in with a large knife a grill and some steak sauce eyes the Unicorn and Dolphin

fires blast at the dolphin and slices the Unicorns throat

begins slicing and laying on grill

who wants theirs rare?

anyone for well done?

taking orders common folks anual V.V. cook out!

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what are you waiting for man get that charecter submitted do it for the children!

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I am sure you are amazing miss emmm have we met?

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awsome man i dig you

gotta make room for the other works

as long as this story aint over dead and buried

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never really got into it saw the first few episodes and thought they focused to much on the girl who can't be hurt

so eh its ok but my world won't stop if it goes off the air.

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go for the cannon man!

write like twelve at least

just to prove you can push it

sorry i just hate to see a good story come to an end

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"Lie lie lie naughty nasty lie she kill she destroy good work CB do you hear CB death destroy in voice naughty nasty lie she kill she bad she full of pain make better help"

CB turned Can CB show you something? he asked...nice trick fun make laugh he morphed into a wolf with one difference his head and face were that of the little girl only her teeth were long and her eyes were mencing

"Nice lady came a sing song voice from the mouth of the creature help please I am lost and I miss my mommy help me get home please"

he bounded toward her a insane smile painted across his face

"help nice lady help me! ha ha ha help me!" he leaped for her throat