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These scans are priceless loll

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Thanos godstomps

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Thor in Marvel Now > New 52 Supes

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It's not just him, DC is screwing up with all these new origins

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@sog7dc said:

@cheesesticks: How can you be clearer? You literally said "Magneto is stating his shield is holing the pheinix force" you didn't say joking back. You didn Say holding off. You said "holding." I read your words A's they were written. How could blast power help? Superman has heat vision thats as much a "blast" as anything majestic has. And how could telekenesis (something I've never seen majestic have and I just read an entire solo series of his) help? What would he do with tk to stop magneto from shutting down his brain? And this is my favorite part of your post: "Majestic being alot faster than Mags, he could do it before mags shut his brain." superman is much faster than mags as well yet you reject the idea that superman could use his speed effectively. So why does it work for Majestros and not Superman? And molecular manipulation doesn't mean much of anything. As you said magneto can shutdown a brain so effortlessly he "wasn't even trying" so he could instantly shutdown surfers brain right? But all of the tactics that work against superman won't work against Thor majestic or surfer because.......?????

P.S I flagged you for the name calling. Noone here has insulted you.

Name calling? I said i'm arguing with children because AGAIN you're making me repeat myself. Wow, flagging people for no reason. I don't even know why i'm wasting my time with you.

TK can disrupt Magneto shield because it's made of electron. Majestic could separate the electron in Mags shield, therefore breaking it. I don't know anything about Majestic, but i saw he had TK on his bio. If he doesn't have it then Mags beat him.

Do you know what molecular manipulation is? It means the Surfer can manipulate molecules. Electrons is a molecule, therefore Surfer could break Magneto shield.

Superman is faster than Mags, but he doesn't have any power to break mags shield. Or he gained TK and moleculare manipulation recently?

Again for the last part, you did not read the thread. Magneto shut down a brain effortlessly because he was on drugs and his power where EMP because of that. Mags would need a little bit more concentration since he doesn't have his drugs on this battle. So no Magneto would not shut down a brain instantly.

And please, i beg you, make an effort when you're writing. It's so hard to see what you are trying to say. This was the last time i'm replying to you. I don't want to get into trouble because you're flagging people for no reason.

And thank you @citizenbane for locking the thread, i'm sorry for having this attitude but this was going nowhere.

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@x_insignia1 said:

he states the shields are holding, cool, do you have the rest of the scans? I don't know the full context, nor which issue number the scan came from.

Secondly if you're implying that mags shield could tank a full blast from beings like wpotc or Galactus I have bad news for yeah, just because he's never been faced with such an instance doesn't mean that he would necessarily succeed.

From your standpoint it appears you believe that there are no means of breaking through mags shields, which I highly doubt. And thirdly the phoenix force isn't omnipotent.

No i don't have the rest of the scan. It's classic x-men so i don't have it. I don't know how the context could change the fact that Magneto is protecting himself from the Phoenix with his shield. I never said that Magneto could take Galactus. I said that Galactus fear the Phoenix force while a supernova is nothing to him.

And yes the phoenix is omnipotent, go read the phoenix force page on comicvine. I never said no one would break Mags shield because Surfer could, Quasar could, Thanos could, etc.

Can you please stop using your imagination and read what i'm writing.

@sog7dc said:

@cheesesticks: Real mature. But let me address your response. First off you Sao his shield was "holding the pheinix force" which I interpreted as you meaning mags had formed a field aroun the force and was containing it. Mine you should have been clearer. Next that just doesn't make sense even for comics. But whatever I'm more concerned with how you contradict your self when you say that magneto could shutdown supermans brain but not majestic's. Because if it's true that durability is not a concern for magneto then give me one reason why magneto couldn't do the same thing to majestic. And surfer has brain right? Why couldn't magneto shut it down? You said yourself he can shutdown a brain without even trying. What's to stop mags from using this power on surfer?

how am i supose to be clearer? I said Magneto defend himself from the Phoenix force with his shield. Do you really think Magneto could form a bubble around the phoenix force, therefore contain it? Wow.

Majestic has blast power and tk wich would probably be able to disrupt Magneto shield because it's made of electron. Majestic being a lot faster than Mags, he could do it before Mags shut his brain.

I just said that Surfer has molecular control, therefore he could disrupt his shield and kill Magneto before Mags could react since Surfer is a lot quicker.

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@czarny_samael666 said:

Hulk is above Black Adam.

Lmao WHAT??!! Thats just pure fanboyism man.

BTW, i agree with most of the users, Hulk is the weak link.

Team 1 win

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@onychophora: He took drugs to EMP himself because he needed it to reverse the earth poles.

Magneto never showned any sign of loosing control of his power(until recently with the Phoenix force BS)

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@onychophora said:

@cheesesticks said:

I stopped at the enlightened text because it's total non sense. Magneto actually control 100% of his power. He's one of the only mutant who trained so much that he can control his power at full extent. Just like Prof X, Proteus, etc.

You do realize that you already proved that argument wrong, don't you?

How can he accidentally shut someone's brain off, if he's got 100% control over his power?

Also, I would really encourage you to read the rest of my statement, as even if he does have 100% control over his ability that doesn't make everything else I said wrong, as it has nothing to do with my statement on the control.

I already said he was on drugs. He was not in total control of his brain.