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@the_impersonator: I didnt know he was going to appear? Do we know who will play him ?

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The only way to bring back the glory of the show is : Deathstroke

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@adamtrmm: Dude, I said '' even if it's another reality''. Read my post before saying blablabla non canon like I didn't know. It was just to show that Apocalypse is used as a jobber.

Cyclops was amped sure, but even amped it's far from close to BB. And yes I knew it, I just didn't feel the need to point it out since Cyclops amped is far from BB scream in power level.

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@xiix said:

@cheesesticks: They're probably referring to when he faced down the X-Men and Inhumans while simultaneously hooked up to a machine with an infant Cable, and was ridiculously large(compared to how his usual stature/size).

So not standard circumstances.

At all.

Oh yeah, I see wich issue it was. It was X-Factor I think, Endgame arc or Judgment day, I can't remember.

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@battle123axe said:

@cheesesticks: actually, apocalypse has resisted black bolt's voice before, with no damage,and casually overpowered the hulk. So it depends on who's writing him.

When did he resist Black Bolt scream ? Also, if he did, like you said, how do you judge that feat right when Cyclops killed him with an optic blast ?

Also, from another reality, but still just to show how much of a jobber Apocalypse is:

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@cheesesticks said:

Is Wolverine a hero ? He kills

Hulk ? He kills

Thor ? Killed a lot

Aquaman ? Killed many

Wonder Woman ? Same thing

etc, so why is Frank considered an Anti-Hero ? Oh yeah, because he doesn't think the system is good enough to punish criminals and HE IS RIGHT.

Lol he's classified as an Anti-Hero/Vigilante take it up w/ Marvel

Because it fits their story and they can put him against other heros like Spider-Man. He's not in the Avengers bandwagon crew so he's an anti-hero by Marvel standard, but he is no more villain than thor or someone like that.

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@sly_141 said:

@cheesesticks: The reason TP is prohibited is because if it's not then this will turn into a Astral plane battle and that isn't fair when Thanos' team has the mind gem and two well renowned telepaths while DC has only the one. And also half of the comments in the thread will be "Enter Character's name here TP's everyone" so that's why that isn't allowed. I feel like stops good debates from occurring.

Yes but that is the character power you know. TP is another power like energy projection is. If you take TP out, then you should take a power on the other side to make it fair.

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Iron Man is now the new Spider-man? Of all the characters or franchise they could have choose, they pick Iron Man... lol.. and Bendis is writing it.. even more lol.

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@sly_141 said:

@cheesesticks: What's your point?

Thanos can use his TP to fight them on the astral plane where he has a lot more chance to kill them.

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@battle123axe I've been reading X-Men comics since the 80's so I know my Apocalypse and he is a jobber. Cyclops killed him fairly easy before.