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Posted by BMBmustdie

fabian, neil and alan i can understand but jeph, kevin, mark and bendis?
Posted by cheddarhead4

for Jeph: Ya know, i'm not really sure why i put him here. It was a while ago. I think it might have been for Superman/Batman. But you make a good point, I don't really think he belongs on this list anymore. He wrote a series I like, but there's nothing about his style that stands out like Neil or Fabian.
For Kevin: Yeah, on second thought, I've probably only read one or two comics from him. I'm a huge fan of his movies, though, and i guess I just added him on that basis. But you're right, though, he doesn't belong on a list of authors with Neil Gaiman.

For Mark: I loved The Ultimates 1 and 2. There were a handful of times that I just set the book down and said "awwwwwwwwwwesommmme!". I liked Kickass alot too.  I stand by this choice.
For Bendis: He's written alot of comics i really like. There's not anything really special about him, i guess, but he writes good stories. Just looking at his appearances list I come across some of my favorite solid comics. Nothing groundbreaking like Sandman, but good, fun reads like New Avengers, Ultimate Spidey,
 House of M, and Mighty Avengers.