Reading Uncanny X-Men from the Beginning! - Thoughts and Opinions!

I'm reading Uncanny X-Men from the beginning right now and these are my thoughts on all the characters! 
I've never read any of these before so it's all new to me seeing the characters like this. I've only ever read very few of the comics (about 5 fo' reals) and seen the cartoons (mainly X-Men Evolution which I looooooved) and the films.
There are a few things I know, like later characters who join (which I know from watching the movies and cartoons and from pictures on the internet and from artwork and stuff) but I know veeeeery little about story lines (oh gosh Jean dies about 10000 times).  There are characters I'm looking forward to seeing (Emma Frost you are so wonderful even though I have never read anything with you in HOW DO WE HAVE SUCH A CONNECTION?)
Next Issue - 21 (If I can find it anywhere)

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Posted by Byzantine

Nice comments on the characters. I would suggest searching the "marvel chronology project" for subsequent appearances for the various characters. Now for some specific questions:  
1)   Beast. "I knew he started of as a normal fellow from plating X-Men Legends but I'm wondering when he's gonna change!" 
Not for quite a while. He tested out an experimental serum on himself in "Amazing Adventures" #11 (March, 1972). That was the beginning of his own series as the headliner of that title
2) jean Grey. " I'm shocked at the lack of telepathy" 
You are going through Stan Lee issues. Roy Thomas upgraded the character by adding telepathy to her powers. You will have to wait until "X-Men" vol. 1 #42 (March, 1968).  
3) Magneto. " I was shocked when the Stranger sent him to Mars and was confused about how he'd get back." 
You have already gone through most of his early appearances. You will have to wait until "Avengers" vol. 1 #47-49 (December, 1967 - February, 1968) for his return.  
4) Scarlet Witch.  " I was wondering why her flashback seemed to be in medieval times and the actual comic takes place in the sixties."  
For some reason, early Marvel tales tend to feature Europe as a backwards place where people dress and act as if the 19th century is still ongoing. Poor research instead of time-traveling.  
5) Toad.  " How will her get back from Mars " 
He returns alongside Magneto in "Avengers" vol. 1 #47-49 (December, 1967 - February, 1968). 
6) Unus. " I doubt he will return. Ever." 
Sorry to disappoint you. He returns in "X-Men" vol. 1 #37-39 (October-December, 1967).  
7) Captain America. " Was he the first ever Marvel superhero? " 
Not really. That title is disputed between Namor and Human Torch/Jim Hammond who both first appeared in "Marvel Comics" #1 (October, 1939). Namor has a slight edge, having previously appeared in a one-shot publication by another publisher: "Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly" #1 (April, 1939).  
Captain America is a relatively late addition. He first appeared in "Captain America Comics" #1 (March, 1941). 

Posted by ChazzaHazza
@byzantine: I've seen the Chronology project before, it's incredibly thorough. I was gonna read it from the earliest chronological appearence of an X-Men member but I just decided to start from the team's first appearence. 
Thank you for answering my questions!
1) I like Beast so I'm looking forward to anything happening to him, I'm hoping for lots of turning-blue-and-hairy-drama.
2) I'm looking forward to the explaination of how Jean get's the new powers. Though her having telepathy will make Professor X redundant!
3) Not much to say on that... 
4) That's quite dissapointing. I like time travel.
5) Good! I like Toad, I'd rather he came back than Magneto!
6) I don't see the point of Unus, didn't he learn his lesson after his first fight with the X-Men? 
7) I assumed I was wrong, but he just seems like the type of guy who would be first.
Now to read #21, once pay day arrives and I can order it.