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Cable + X-Force = Awesome 0

So here we have the first issue of Cable and X-Force. I was extremely excited for this series when I heard about it. I've been a big fan of Cable for a while, especially during the Civil War event. I've been out of the comic game for a while and was sad to see when Cable died a few years back and seeing him again with the new look is refreshing. I've liked the idea of X-Force for a while, a group that does the behind the scenes dirty work that the clean cut, pure image of the X-Men can't do.You ...

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Good start for a new series. 0

I've always been a fan of this character who's taken the mantle of Red Robin. The series has started out strong with this issue and you really get to see the emotional and change in mentality for this character. I don't want to spoil who it is but whether you read this or not, the character's change and potential direction in which this series and the rest of the batman world goes is going to be pretty exciting....

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