Official Looks

I believe I started this "Official Look" trend list. ♥ ;p

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

Interesting, note to self "Make a Official Looks List". 
Thanks for the idea.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

I thought Dazzler was one of your looks :]

Posted by Charmix
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: I'll get there :) fixing it now again... -___- hhahha
Posted by Donnieman v5.1
@Charmix: Nice looks :D
Posted by Charmix
@Donnieman v5.1: thanks ;D 
I think I'm the first to start this? O__o
right? lol anyways thank you xD and do the same please so I can find a picture to play as your photo =]
Posted by Donnieman v5.1
@Charmix: You're welcome ;D 
I think you might have been :P 
Haha I already did :) Check my page ^_^
Posted by Charmix
@Donnieman v5.1: done I saw it xD