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@Darkchild: Her true visage was masked by an illusion, one crafted perfectly enough to even bemuse the psychic threat. The man asked out of curiosity of who she was and the problem that the two would now be faced with. "Just get her out!" she continued shouting, the invisible demonic being shot a mental shock wave that shook her body backwards to the ground, "Run!" she hollered, quickly resuming back to her feet, she dashes across the street towards the man and her mother, "Come on! We need to get out of here, too risky." she said. Looking back she witness the psionic nemesis transferring its essence onto another being. "There's a psychic demon here and he already has the up hand now that he has a physical shell." pointing towards the now possess police man.

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@Darkchild: done<3

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@Darkchild: The air was chilled now that winter was near, the flower maiden strolled down across the streets with her long fur coat that kept her warm, her heels were of designer luxury and so was her attire. Sakura enjoyed America, for its known mixing pot of various cultures, the diverse flavor of which it had to offer. Though this country was still young it was already the first from others all around. A psychic demon was on the loose, it wasn't hard not to ignore it, the constant psychic echoes and emanations it gave off were that similar to the smell of bad odor. "Perfect." she smiled, she needed something to hit, to keep her mind off from her busy life and the constant struggle for privacy. As she followed it's trail, it lead her towards a man walking alongside his mother, the mental entity attempted to use the frail woman as his host in the physical plane. Acting upon instincts, she creates a mental nudge within the minds of others around, clouding their perceptions of things around the four. "Get her away from here!" she shouted across from a distance as she would now prepare to cast a memorized incantation.

(post limit prevented me from posting as Blossom)

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Amazing :)

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@Izaiah: link me as welllllll~

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magic magic magic.

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Amazing!!! and your art of Madonna is fabulous and beautiful.!!!

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@_Judge_: LOL call in the cavalry and ensure order!!! >:D

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I feel the thunderbolt vibe in this lol

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Beautiful and wonderful post <3