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Assassinates the President

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Able is just to easy a choice lol

Hahahaha right? That was my first thought. Like maybe his name was Abraham and I call him Abe for short. But ultimately I was like you, its cliche and easy :P

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@cassius_knightfall: Cain's brother. I have all the particulars, just need a name that I like. Not sure if I wanna use a civilian or a codename for the account.

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@pyrogram: lol had to. They was tryin to work my like a 7/11 clerk with no ammo and sh!t :P

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Truth is I need a name, and an account, for a new character.

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@reservation_x said:


Reservation X is a clandestine concentration camp for any and all carriers of the mutant X-Gene. Secretly funded, maintained, and operated by unanimous sources throughout the Middle East, its state of art multifaceted containment grid is capable of successfully housing everything from basic mutates to Omega Level telepaths. This engineering accomplishment is made possible through the exploitation of an artificially born mutant housing several cellular anomalies harvested by the Ultra-Sapien, Charlemagne LeBeau. Labeled Sebastian 1, he is in fact nothing more then a living brain who's primary function is to maintain a simultaneous security grid and observational cloud. Which is in fact an amalgamation of telekinesis, telepathy, power saturating forcefield, illusion casting, and several smaller yet intricately vital capabilities. In truth the full scoop of Sebastian's power has yet to be ascertained.

@_atomikill_: @mister_x: @dark_vengeance_: @_johnny_: @alastor_: @darkchild: @zane_horn:

Heroes, champions who strive for equality and safety for all. As valiant as they were....predictable. Without any measure of prior reconnaissance the small band of unified liberators had descended upon the mutant concentration camp known as the Reservation. Hastily dismissing every aspect of its intricate security measures while ignorantly wandering blind, deaf, and dumb as if being a hero granted them universal carte blanche to execute military operations in a foreign country. Operating under no sanctioned governing body, beholden to no one, they had single handedly reaffirmed the public perception of supers believing that might made right. And even though their intentions were just, the political shit storm an unannounced incursion by an unauthorized entity would not only strain the already fragile relationship with the Middle East, it would help foster a new generation of normal humans living in fear of those with special abilities.

As Charlemagne sped through the gate at high speeds the front end of his jeep was suddenly, and unexpectedly, destroyed in a catastrophic display of physical prowess. Rocketed into the air like a human dart he quickly contorted the muscular configuration of his body into a gymnastic roll as he hit the ground. Briefly sliding across the sand in a crouched position before dragging a flat palm along the burning surface to halt his progression. His indestructible shield glimmered as he rose to a standing position with stoic presence, defiant and unwavering in his arrogance despite the escalating number of would be heroes and their never ending cliche speeches. Each one cutting their own self-absorbed wrestling promo as they prepared for battle. Doing little more then entertaining the silent Master of Martial Arts Darwinism.

Cocking his head to the side with a grin, the Ultra-Sapien replied, "Challenge...accepted." Another image of LeBeau suddenly manifested and repeated the phrase. And then another, and another, and another. Each one indiscernible from the original thanks to the Omega Level illusion casting of the mutant brain, Sebastien 1. In truth the heroes had no way of knowing if ANY of the LeBeaus within their visionary scope were the genuine article. For all they knew, Charlemagne was a million miles away, or as close as a handshake. Even the unexpected cavalry, Alastor, had no way of knowing if he had just risked his life for an illusion or the mutant killing supremacist himself.

Like I said earlier, heroes...predictable.
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@izaiah said:

Truth is I think it'd be helpful if there existed a recap thread of major events in the CVnU that characters ought to have some in-universe awareness of.


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@fukuro_zoku: Ha! Zaubs will be the top dog by the time I come back :P

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@fukuro_zoku: I use to. Big GTA fan and my boy has been bugging me to join an online crew? Didnt even know that was a thing lol But he's talkin mad sh!t like its the greatest thing ever. I'm tempted.