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"Specialization is for Insects"

The Last Arashikage

Real Name: Charlemagne LeBeau

Alias: The Last Arashikage, Anti-Blood Bender, Ultra-Sapien, Master of Martial Arts Darwinism, Mr. LeBeau, Charlemagne, Killer of Knightfalls, the Living Weapon, The Xsoteric

Height: 6'5" (1.96 m)

Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)

Age: 30

Hair Color: Originally Blonde, Now Black and White

Eye Color: Egyptian Blue

Species: Hyper-Sapien, Ultra-Sapien

Birthplace: Saarbrücken, Germany

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Doctor Davet Saint LeBeau (father), Josette Inez LeBeau (mother), Daughter (name unknown), Lucian LeBeau (son)

Occupation: Conquer, Death Dealer, Curator

Affiliations: Red September (formerly), HALO Corp (formerly), The Yard (destroyed), Agiad'Coda, The Legacy Anthenaeum

Origin: Evolutionary Prodigy

The only son of Doctor Davet Saint LeBeau and his ex-wife Josette Inez LeBeau, a French linguist and studied martial arts practitioner, Charlemagne was born into a life of privilege and wealth. And though his father harbored a secret genetic link to what would one day be known as the Mutant species, Charlemagne was born genetically pure but also, genetically superior. As a renowned European geneticists Dr. LeBeau was immediately transfixed, exhibiting obsessively intense behavior as the boy became more of a medical marvel then a son. Elevated intelligence began to surface by the age of two and by the age of four, self taught, he had read his father's extensive collection of medical encyclopedias. Thirsting for knowledge the child's appetite for information had expanded beyond his father's precious library towards his mother's pioneering research in the field of linguistics, more appropriately, her groundbreaking theories pertaining to the correlation between reading words, and reading people. Rapidly developing, both mentally as well as physically, beyond the normal means of a healthy child, Charlemagne's father began to worry that his son's astonishing potential would unintentionally bring unwanted attention upon his own carefully concealed secret forcing his son to repress his natural talents as to blend in. But despite Charlemagne's acquiesce his father's continued frenzied excitement had driven him to the depths of mercurial madness as his quest for answers remained just out of reach. Secluded for days often times weeks, in the confines of the families basement which had been renovated to create a small laboratory, the Doctor performed unspeakable acts of torture in the name of science. Bodies of the homeless and even orphans were burned daily as each controlled experiment repeatedly ended in failure and death. Finally driving the unethical physician to attempt the experiments on himself believing his mutant physiology held the elusive key to success. Despite the tear filled pleas of his mother Charlemagne's father injected himself with a sample of his blood with catastrophic results. Bleaching his skin porcelain white further damaging his already unstable psyche, the sight of which more then the brokenhearted Josette could tolerate, forcing her to leave that night. Nevertheless, in-spite of all that had happened, Charlemagne refused to leave his father behind. He would spend the next few years perfecting his father's genetic experiments but by then it was to late, his father had succumbed to the violent effect his experimental augmentation unleashed on his system. Alone for the first time in his life the 17 year old teenager would embark on a pilgrimage that would shape the foundation of his life's philosophy.

'The World cannot be given, it must be learned. And I shall usher in an age of accomplished illumination worthy of being held next to any in the Hall of Legends."

Greece: Early development

Sculpting Perfection

During this three year sabbatical Charlemagne transformed his body adopting a strict regiment of ancient Greek decorum. Immersing himself in the teachings of Aristotle through literary works following in the foot steps of Alexander the Great who had been tutored by the now infamous philosopher. As well as continuing to evolve his martial arts prowess through the adaptation of the Greek combat form known as Pankration, sharpening his physical form to the peek of Olympic standards by his 18th birthday. Adopting a dogmatic ritualistic dietary principle and extensive exercise regiment maturing his muscle index to an extraordinary level . Sculpting his frame into the mirror images of the proto-artistic bronze representation of the ancient Greek Gods and athletes. And it was while in Greece that the wandering LeBeau met and fell in love with an Athens prostitute named, Ophelia. Her vibrant street smart disposition was in stark contrast to Charlemagne's more reserved calculating temperament yet the two shared an undeniable charismatic attraction. Spending their days in enchanted bliss, it was Ophelia who showed Charlemagne how to love briefly distracting him from his crusade of self-perfection. Little did Charlemagne know however that there were forces beyond even his comprehension working to steer his destiny. Sadly, Ophelia was perceived as incalculable deviation and there for her subtraction from the equation was authorized. Staging a mutant suicide bombing at a little corner cafe in Prague, killing 6 people and injuring 3 more, Red September successfully refocused Charlemagne's purpose to coincide with their visionary perception on Mutant affairs. The grooming of the youngest Red September member to ever be initiated into the cabal began before Ophelia's body had even grown cold.

Red September: Enter the Cold

Heavily invested in the young mans future, as well as what they believed to be the future of the Homo-Sapein species, the identity of the hidden puppeteers would soon come to light. Revealing themselves as secret cabal anthropologically driven by an instinctual trigger of self preservation. Founded shortly after proclamations of the superior race were being shouted in the streets of Germany. Bringing together some of the Worlds most powerful and politically influential individuals connected in their conspiracy to form a One-World-Government. Forming a modern day Illuminati order called, Red September. After their first meeting the secret society would begin meeting annually Every 5 years starting on April 30th, 1945, the day Hitler died. Originally the group’s grand design was for “a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one ‘World (Central) Bank’ using one global currency. But with the arrival of the genetically superior Mutant race and other various meta-humans, and superpowered Capes, the cabal's cleverly concealed agenda is methodically nothing short of the fraudulent miss representation of their evolutionary cousins in order to facilitate a perpetuate war between the species. To the public Red September is simply a cultivation of intellectuals gathering in order to advance social cohesion amongst the power elite. For years following the death of Ophelia, Charlemagne attended the Swiss Institute of Technology as he studied cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, molecular biosciences, biophysics, computational biology, neurobiology, genetics, and especially, speciation. Utilizing his "Self-evolved" intellect and biology, Charlemagne's enhanced vision allowed to see genetic anomalies in certain organisms. Nurturing a disciplined respect for the complexities of the genetic drift and its mathematical model (using the Wright-Fisher model). Often times engaging in intense revolutionary theories with the more rebellious professors, who's radical hypothesis on the potential applications of genome based weaponry. Weapons that could possibly distinguish between ethnic groups as well as separate species by exploiting the tiny genetic or cellular differences. These ideas would become the innovative platforms in which the architectural blueprint of Charlemagne's mutant agenda were built upon. Purposelessly withdrawing from his scholastic en-devour just shy of receiving his Ph,D. Calculatingly he entered the French Foreign Legion and allowed his endowments to advance him through the ranks before inexplicably transferring to the 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes (13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment). An unprecedented achievement made possible by the behind the scenes confederation of Red September members coupled with the Ultra-Sapeins preeminent evolutionary superiority. Under his new directive the Ultra-Sapien quickly adapted the swashbuckling mentality prominent in all Combat Paratroopers. With an extraordinary grasp on counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, hostage rescue, and operational tactics.

Cassidy' O'Rourke

Sometime around the age of 24 during an unspecified visit in Northern Ireland the self-anointed, "Pinnacle of evolutionary perfection" crossed paths with am extraordinary young lady. Amidst the soul stealing shadows and rat invested trash cans of a damp off the path alleyway, covered in blood and slumped at the feet of three lifeless bodies sat the future protegee of Charlemagne LeBeau, Cassidy O'Rourke. An uncharted telepathic mutant who's angelic features hid a dangerously perceptive mind with extraordinary capabilities. Her survival and subsequent execution of her mutant attackers solidifying a hesitant bond between the two. And over time, though aware of her mutation, Charlemagne formed an almost symbiotic relationship elevating their intellectual refinements. Though he shelters Cassidy's mutation from Red September, and despite of it, she shares their intrinsic mutant ideals.

Powers, Abilities & Attributes

ΩHealing FactorΩ

Charlemagne's evolutionary advancement extends to a complete bodily healing factor on a micro-cellular level. This allows him to heal from virtually any injury at an incredibly fast rate (though he is not immortal and substantial, and or, repetitive damage can and will kill him) which allows him take hits from class extremely powerful characters and continue fighting. Regrowing missing limbs, organs, and even regenerating his entire skeletal system are well within his capabilities. Also boasting an extremely high resistance to some toxins and most poisons, though large enough doses will effectively bypass his healing factor. Lack of sleep, proper nutrition, or existing injuries are also factors in the rate in which his body will heal itself.

Pankration - Charlemagne is arguably the greatest Pankration practitioner in existence. Utilizing an authenticated pedigree of perfection rooted in the established warrior societies of the ancient World, his technique is near flawless and his execution may in fact be superhuman. Thanks in large part to his superior evolutionary advantage the Ultra-Sapien has tailored this impressive art form to not only coincide with his physical attributes, but his mental machinations as well. Visualizing his counters and throws well in advance of his opponents initial striking. Crafting a style that is undeniably his, and his alone. Impossible to replicate, Charlemagne was originally the student of an immortal Greek who claimed to have taught the legendary heroes Hercules and Theseus. Forming a foundation predicated upon the original training system lost for over 1,600 years. Though well versed in a number of commonly recognized martial arts the platform in which they organically originate from is Pankration.

Ambidextrous - Equally adept in the use of both left and right appendages, this rare phenomenon was a natural gift Charlemagne enjoyed since birth. It is one of the most famous varieties of cross-dominance though in the case of the Millennium Man it seems to be a result of his advanced physiology. The degree of versatility with each hand is generally the qualitative factor in determining a person's ambidexterity and yet there is no scientific evaluation that can pinpoint Charlemagne's preferred hand.

VESPA: Wasp - All beings are systems of matter and energy. Like any system there are nexus points which influence critical functions. Vespa is the study of these points and how they might be disrupted or destroyed. Vespa teaches the secret strikes by which a chi users chakra's are disabled. The pressure points which a limb or organ can be paralyzed, and even the occult techniques which strip a mages powers. Through the teachings of the Arcani outcast, Myrmidon, the Master of Martial Arts Darwinism has skillfully amalgamated this technique into a biological abomination. Allowing him to metaphysically alter, or more specifically strip, the genetic properties of any mutant carrier of the vaunted X-Gene. Rendering them, human and powerless.



A master knows the secret points to induce muscular paralysis; from the entire body to individual limbs. The dreaded death touch is also a part of the masters abilities, they can cause immediate or delayed death. But the master is capable of attacking more than the body alone, they can also disable key chakra points to inhibit chi flow; denying a chi user access to their inner power. This can also be used on a magic user, disabling their ability to tap into their magical energies.