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Real Name: Rebecca Oyama
Alias: Charge Up, Ms. Oyama, Invisible Lady, Invisible Girl, The Ghostly Lady
Age: 22
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Identity: Secret
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 Ibs 
Place Of Birth: Glenville, Long Island. New York.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mary Oyama (Mother, Deceased) Franklin Oyama (Father, Deceased) Ben Masters (Uncle, Alive) Michael Richards (Best Friend, Alive)


Young Rebecca

 Hard Life For A Child!
Rebecca Oyama was born to Mary Oyama and Franklin Oyama in Glenville, Long Island. New York in 1988. The two married couple lived happy together raising their daughter whom they named Rebecca, but Franklin never had time to spent time with his daughter since he was a famous surgeon leaving Rebecca to grow close to her mother, but that didn't change the family until tragedy struck. While coming home from work as a lawyer, Mary Oyama was murdered brutally.  While working Franklin had found out that his wife was murdered and rushed out of the hospital to his dead wife location and found his wife dead on the floor covered with blood and several gun wound's, Franklin suddenly then took his wife and rushed her to the hospital where he tried to bring her back to life but it was to late she was already gone leaving him with their daughter to raise. Franklin returned home that same night and paid the babysitter for watching Rebecca who was only six years old at that time, Rebecca smiled at her father and asked where was mommy but Franklin stood silenced and Rebecca then knew something was wrong. Years later Rebbecca had just turned nine years old and had already found out what had happened to her mother which she tried to get over, Franklin continued his job as a surgeon but he also became a drinker. One night Rebecca was playing with her toy's in her room with the babysitter who was watching her, Rebecca smiled at her and shouted I can make thing's float, but the babysitter looked at Rebecca in confusion, suddenly Rebecca closed her eye's and made every object in her room float in fear the babysitter fainted and that's when Franklin stormed in Rebecca's room drunk and saw what Rebecca could do and what she had just did, since Franklin was a mutant hater he grabbed his daughter by her hand and threw her off into the street's and called her a mutant freak child. Rebecca then wandered the street's of New York not knowing anything about the outside world.
 Rebecca being abandoned by her father



The Birth of The Invisible Girl

  Alone and without a home, Rebecca wandered the streets of Glenville, Long Island. New York in search of the place she belonged. It wasn't long before she ran into super humans like herself who called themselves The Young Avengers. Rebecca was offered to join their group in which she did and was given the identity, Invisible Girl cause of her invisibility powers. Alongside the Young Avengers, Rebecca began to make a name for herself amongst other superheroes and with the general public. Rebecca shared many adventures with her team and they always stood together like a family no matter what happened. One day, Rebecca was with her team battling the villain known as Kang but when in battle Rebecca was approached by her uncle, Ben Richards. Who told Rebecca that he was aware of her abilities and what her father had done to her and that he too was a mutant like her. His ability was that he could create almost any type of technology or machinery. Ben Richards told her to come live with him in Vine City where he could teach her how to master her powers and also to create technology. Rebecca decided to go with him leaving The Young Avengers telling them that she will always be at their side whenever they needed her. Rebecca moved in with her uncle in Vine City still missing her teammates but her uncle told her they will always be in your heart no matter what happens. Rebecca then began to train with her uncle and also started to become known to the public in Vine City as The Invisible Girl and also defending the city from crime. 
 Rebecca and Uncle Ben



Older Rebecca

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 Invisibility: Charge Up has the mental ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including the rendering of herself and other objects invisible, and the construction of solid, invisible force fields. In an as yet unknown manner, cosmic energy interacts with the cells of her entire body in such a way as to produce a new form of energy with unusual properties. By a simple act of concentration, she can cause all wavelengths of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light to bend around her without distortion; she also somehow directs enough undistorted light to her eyes to retain her full range of vision while invisible. An observer, unaware of the peculiar path light takes around her body, would have the sensation of seeing through her. Charge Up can also mentally project the invisible energy produced within the cells of her body in order to render other people or objects invisible. The largest volume she can as yet turn invisible at a single time is approximately 40,000 cubic feet of volume (1,133 cubic meters), equivalent to a small swimming pool. She has sufficient control over her power that she can turn parts of her body selectively invisible. She is also able to make objects that have been turned invisible by other sources visible by letting her own energy projection interfere with that other method of invisibility. Further, she can make energy that is not in the visual portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible by a similar interaction. Rebbecca can also sense something made invisible by physical means (such as a machine) but not by magical or psionic means. 
Psionic Force Fields: While the cells of Charge Up body produce a certain energy manifestation, the cells of her brain produce a different, more potent manifestation. Through concentration, she is able to project a field of psionic force which she can manipulate into a number of relatively simple forms: rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc. The complexity of the shape is limited by her ability to imagine (mentally visualize) a particular form and keep it in sharp mental focus: not even she is able to see the forms she creates. The size of a given psionic force projection is also limited by her ability to imagine. The smallest force projection she can visualize (and maintain the visualization) is the size of a marble. The largest solid force projection she can visualize and maintain is about 100 feet in diameter. She can project larger force-objects if they are hollow. For instance, she could visualize and project a dome of 1 foot thick about a mile in diameter (4,700 feet) and a dome 1 inch in thickness she can project for about 3.2 miles. Small objects at high speeds become missiles; large objects at slow speeds become rams. She can make these objects grow or shrink as desired, up to a size of 100 feet (30 meters).

Charge Up is able to use the projection of her psionic force to travel through the air. By projecting a rising column beneath her feet and simultaneously causing it to expand and topple at the same time, then creating another column that catches her, shrinks, rights itself and then repeating the process, she is able to effect a zig-zag flight path. She is able to reach an average speed of about 25 miles per hour, until she becomes fatigued by the concentration, after about 4 hours.

Since her power is an extension of her mind and body, Charge Up is affected by inertial forces acting upon her projections. Thus if a car traveling at 60 miles per hour hit a wall of her force that was 6 inches thick, unless she generated a bracing shape against a sufficiently sturdy object, she would be affected as though she were hit by the car directly. Charge Up is able to control the surface of the fields rigidity to a certain extent. She can cause the surface of the field to be very hard, depending on its thickness (steel-like at about 2.5 feet), or as resilient as foam rubber. By making the field more resilient she is able to absorb more of the inertia of impacts within the field without having them transmitted to her body. She is also, through training, able to alter the shapes she creates while utilizing those shapes, often to absorb or deflect the force of impacts. When she creates objects of fields that are at the limit of her ability to mentally visualize, they tend to be resilient rather than rigid. As she has grown in the use of her powers. Currently these fields can withstand impacts of Class 100 strength. She is capable of generating and manipulating multiple psionic force fields simultaneously.



  Work In Progress.....






1. Dark Dealings (Unfinished) 
2.  The Next Chapter (Finished) 
3.  Chronicles: The Gathering (Unfinished)
4. Champions Assemble (Finished)
5.  Embrace Change (Finished)
6. The Crisis (Unfinished)