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In 5 issues what have we established really? That Danny is a shell of a man for reasons that have apparently just become important to him. That Kun-Lun was not just a harsh place but an absolute hell hole. That Danny's memory must have more holes in it than Swiss cheese. That The Prince of orphans is confused as to his own capital city. That Danny doesn't care for the safety of the average citizen anywhere in either the real world or Kun-lun (Way to leave brenda on her own Danny, couldn't have called Misty, Luke, Dr. Strange, the immortal weapons or the avengers to help keep her safe no?). In fact Danny seems to have turned his back on ALL his friends here. It's like an alternate reality tale where it's the exact opposite of our Iron Fist, friendless and lost.

But really, what has REALLY been established in 5 issues? Other than the off panel culling of some pretty well established characters for dramatic effect? Will we even get a second to actually mourn for any of those who died? Or do we just have to go through some more of Danny's prepubescent angst ridden whining passing off as depth? There has been ZERO character progression apart from Brenda now being able to tackle an 8-limbed ninja assassin out of absolutely nowhere. This is a far cry from the 'Last Iron Fist Story' where we already had revelations and character building drama from issue 1. Hell the defenders did more for the Iron Fist mythos than this has. This is a childish story passing off as mature by piling on blood and grotesque imagery.

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Still really not feeling it. Brenda is probably going to be that girl from Danny's past. I was right about the egg. Nothing has actually happened even though we are 5 issues in and it is still not Danny Rand.

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Did not like issue 4 - AT ALL!

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Meh, He is in Marvel Vs. Capcom with Viewtiful Joe, Dante, Strider etc. Can't beat that!

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= Danny Rand Joking!

= Danny Rand Levity!

= Danny Rand still managing to make a joke in the face of upheaval in life! (with new surrogate best friend Dr. Strange!)

= Danny Rand only gives into absolute rage when there is no other solution!

= Danny Rand in hell, still making light of his situation!

= Danny is an all around look on the bright side in spite of it all guy


= Danny Rand reads comics in his spare time because he is a down to earth and fun guy who enjoys life in spite of it all!


Danny's internal monologue is always twinged with sadness and morbidity, but he is always light and upbeat in spite of it all. In the new Living weapon (issue 3) he thinks to himself about how he only ever has 2 dreams. 2 horrifically nightmarish dreams all his life. That is not Danny Rand!

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Also I really hope that I am wrong because it will make the series so amazingly predictable otherwise but I think that it is Shou-lau's egg in the little girls bag.....

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Well issue 3 has me more closer than ever to dropping this. When writers rely so heavily on death as a plot device it feels like lazy writing.

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Yeah as I said I will be giving this till the end of the arc then deciding. It is not the Iron Fist I was expecting that's for sure.


"I am the masochist and the narcissist"

Is one of the most un-Danny Rand things I have ever heard.

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Yeah this was only ok at best....

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Yeah when I come out the other end of my weekly financial troubles I will get it on thursday!