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Holy Shonen Trinity.

If Superman fought their Universes individually could he beat them? What Universe could beat him?


Morals off for Superman

Cannot BFR anyone into space or the sun

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Samus with ease.

She has taken down whole planets of aliens.

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@ImTheAmazingSpiderman said:

Broly stomps. And he is nowhere near the second most powerful DBZ villain.

........... if were going by Movie he is no where near the best DBZ villain.

1. Buuhan

2. Janemba

3. Kid Buu

4. Broly

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@CadenceV2 said:

@ChaoticSuperman: Does Speed Force overide Galactus Comsic Power?

Yes DC made Flash a stupid character

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Team 2 should win, but DC added in the Speed Force Hax so Team 1 wins.

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This is silly. Broly kills them with little effort. Hell he would have fun close lining and putting them all in the ground as he laughs away.

Then he blows up the Bleachverse for lulz.

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@SlimJ87D said:

@WillPayton said:

@SlimJ87D said:



Just to point something out to you guys, Flash does have a weakness DC just chooses to let him overcome that weakness. He's not suppose to move that fast all the time or else he gets stuck in the speed force. Same shit with Superman overcoming Kryptonite and resistant to magic.

At this point you guys are just ranting about comic inconsistencies. Happens all the time, but if you're going to complain about it in the debate forums then why bother debating comics when eventually blaming the writers used as an escape goat.

I dont care about his weaknesses or how fast he can run, I care about him getting nonsensical powers like running in space. The whole thing is ridiculous, especially since (according to your link) he's not even running, he's flying, but only moving his legs back and forth to pretend to run... wow, seriously? Looks like the writers basically just gave him flight so then can be extra lazy with the the writing, but realize people will say "WTF?" at Flash flying, so they make him pretend to run (cause, you know, he likes running... LOL) so that readers wont realize he's flying and say WTF?

Then explain to me, EXPLAIN IT CLEARLY, how some can run at mach speeds and be able to breath? Or use their power without disrupting the oxygen around the atmosphere.

Better yet, explain to me how a ring can conduit magic and form your thoughts as a weapon? Or how Superman has enough energy to perform feats that don't mathematically make sense since he can only absorb so much sunlight, how does this mathematically balance out?

How else do you want to bother to explain Flashes power? He has his own atmosphere and they introduced it to explain why he doesn't kill or destroy the surroundings around him unless he wills himself too.

You just hate the character and just hate the concept of his powers that's all I can understand.

There is a giant difference then using speed as a weapon, then getting God powers because DC decided to make speedsters trump everything with speedforce.

I love Flash. Hate the concept of his powers.

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Superman ezpz

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@SlimJ87D said:

@WillPayton said:

@PossesedShadow said:

It's DC writing, nothing makes sense. Speed Force concept was already stupid enough, now he can run in space and do everything......

Think I'll just stick to reading Batman and Teen titans.

Yeah, since when can Flash run in space? That makes no sense, even above and beyond the normal physics-defying stuff in comics. Did they give an actual explanation for how Flash was running in space, or is Flash the new SA Superman?

The same exact reason why he can walk in a Volcano or doesn't burn of the earths atmosphere. He has a speed force aura that supplies him with his own atmosphere.

Read his powers and abilities here:

If you have any doubts refer to the sources at the bottom. There are 48 official sources that were used to write the wiki page.


Now I know why i don't read Flash.

At least Superman has weaknesses.

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@Z3RO180 said:

@blackadamFTW: could you plese explain to me why people seem to think a punch from the flash can hurt superman?

Because speed force, and speed stuff and DC physics with speedsters make no sense.