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Bowman. An argument could be made for him taking mirakuru Slade to be honest.

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Backing Punisher for a very slim win.

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My Wildstorm knowledge is a little rusty but Midnighter by my reccollection needed his opponent to make make the first move if it wasn't someone he had prviously fought. Midnighters ability is first and foremost a computer that runs through every possible combat situation to find the one that lets him win. Because this the computer needs every possible piece of information it can get to give the most accurate prediction.

A good example is modern day computer simulators who while nowhere near as advanced as Midnighters do run on the same basic principle. The simulation requires information gathered by the user in order to create an accurate simulation of every eventuality. For example we can use computers now to simulate the eventuality of a car crash from nearly every angle however the computer can't do this by itself it uses information given to it by the user without said knowledge it wouldn't be able to predict the outcome as it wouldn't know if the car crash was a 4x4 landerover or a sports convertable which would directly effect the outcome of the crash and can only be gathered by the person collecting the intel.

Midnighter is no execption to this hence why even his prediction of himself starting WWIII only consisted of seeing his teammates and other humans he can accuratley predict this outcome because his computer has enough data on his teammates and the soldiers and other people in the vision were all human which of course wouldn't be hard to predict given Midnighter has had years of gathering data on them. As Midnighter says he can see everymove his opponent can feasibly make in theory. The moves he makes on the other hand would be entirely dependent on him knowing his opponent so in an initial confrontation with a new opponent Midnighter is fighting blind unless his opponent throws the first blow. So in theory anyone with pre-cog good enough to tell them not to initiate the fight would spell trouble for Mid.

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Doesn't the opponent need to attack Midnighter first in order for Midnighter to know their abilities?

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This sucks I was loving this series :(

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Cap slaps him

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Probably Snake Eyes

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This is one Nazi that Captain America isn't beating unfortunately.

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Even without time control, soul destroying and mind rape Ahzek would probably tear them apart on his own. Switch him for someone like Hyperion or Typhus then we have ourselves a fight.