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I really need to read this series. I love Jason Aaron's work and really want to read his new Thor content (I've heard it's a continuation, to an extent, of God of Thunder), but won't do that until I've gotten through this first. Glad to hear it's such an astounding piece of work.

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Love the GoGo figure. Now I've probably got to go out and find one for myself. These all are some of the nicest Disney action figures I've seen in a while, so that's great.

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Very excited for the release of the full trailer. However, I find that this pre-trailer trailer is ridiculous. No matter, I'll still be excited for whatever the full trailers hints at for the film.

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@soduh2: I must now attack you! JK, I'm a Selina x Bruce fan through and through (when it comes to the comics) and only really enjoy the WWxBM pairing when dealing with the JLU.

As to Supes and Wonder Woman hooking up, well, I'm just not sure. It worked in Kingdom Come, but was horrendous in DKSA (though that story was terrible in total), so I'm not really sure how I feel about this.

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Both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy are great characters and both really complement Peter, but I am on the side of Gwen Stacy in the long run. There was just something that clicked between the two of them and it just felt better. Not that I have anything against MJ (not at all), just that Gwen (at least in the main Marvel Universe) had a better connection to Peter.

If we get started on the Ultimate Universe, then it's Kitty and Peter all the way XD

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Now I really need to get into the New 52 Green Lantern...I was waiting for the first trade, but now that's been blown out of the water and my next trip to my LCS will involve acquiring issues 7 and up for this series. Wow, Geoff Johns continues to amaze with his awesome Green Lantern arcs.

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I'm quite excited for this. Spidey is quite possibly my favorite Marvel hero, so this could be very good. And to the comment that this seems reminiscent of R.I.P. I agree with that, but to me that is a good thing as I actually enjoyed that arc.

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Personally I've loved Red Hood since the start. Like many people, I started reading this because Jason is my favorite of the Robins and when done correctly is an amazing character. The fact however, that Starfire's portrayal in this was complained about for not matching up with the animated Teen Titans version is embarrassing. She was never truly like she was in the toned down cartoon in the original comics from the 80s (which I have read many of...though I'm sadly struggling to remember much past the Terror of Trigon arc). Sure, it wasn't the best first impression (I'll willingly admit to that) and Lobdell could have given us this character building issue earlier, but it's still been an amazing story so far. Now, he just needs to give us more info on Roy and the entire team will have had some build up and then we can really get into the hopefully crazy stories that will follow.

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@jsphsmth: I know, I'm quite excited for it as well. Hopefully it will be awesome.

By the way, Marvel, this is how you do a crossover without causing more event fatigue.

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@Or35ti: It is, isn't it. Originally the concept was fairly cool, after all who doesn't want to know whether the X-Men or the Avengers are superior, but now it's turning into a mess. Too many tie-ins...hopefully they're not all mandatory to the story.

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