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I'm not much a reviewer, but my god, this series is incredible. The visuals are stunning, the psychedelic pallet of the dreamstate Moon Knight has to visit in this issue is inspiring. The art in general is top notch, complementing the gritty style of the comic without having to rely on a dull, muddy colour range. This is a Moon Knight characterised as fulfilling his holy role as warden of night travellers, and it's great to see the focus shift from his own insanity to the insanity of the grisly...

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The Mutant Menace Madness on the Moon!SPOILERSWhere to begin?Well, it begins with an inner monologue of Hope questioning whether she is like the metaphorical bomb or the bomber in her phoenix situation, I call it a monologue but really it's a poorly punctuated rush of words over explaining what I just summised.One good thing I would be able to say about this issue is that in the brief Avengers vs X-Men fighting action, nothing too stupid is going on (this comic seems that Namor has a better chan...

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Schism starts to pick up the pace, but it's still a slow one 0

After the telepathic attack on the UN by Quentin ' Kid Omega' Quire, the world leaders sentinels gather their sentinel troops. But when their robot start malfunctioning and attacking humans, the X-men go out to save a world which hates and fears them. Meanwhile, the newly appointed leader of the Hellfire club, 12 year old Kane Kilgore, sets his anti-mutant plans in motion.   Hit Okay, from what I gather, not many people like the idea of an evil 12 year old billionaire with the ...

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