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i think because of who spiderman is, everyone recognises the red and blue suit, but not everyone has heard of cpt america, and if he was wearing his traditional gear including wing tips, then it would seem garish

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In the ultimate universe, Hulk ripped Wolverine in half.
The explanation was that Wolverines spinal column is only coated in adamantium, and the connecting faces of the vetebra aren't, thus they are not indestructable

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what do you think? do you like the sound of his costume?

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@Edamame: Why wouldnt they survive a Glasgow smile? You just have to walk round the nasty parts of Glasgow to see how many people wear the facial scars... the point of them isn't to kill but to disfigure
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Batman nearly ALWAYS beats Bane by chucking a Batarang through Banes venom pump...
and Bullseye is a perfect shot, so he could copy that style and put the venom out the picture
Bullseye win s

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1st Round - Batman 
2nd Round - Captain America wins eventually, i reckon Batman would get more hits in, but Captain would last long enough to take him out

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Didn't Batman KO Bullseye in the crossover - i remember the quote "OW you hit harder than DAREDEVIL!"

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@FinalStar86 said:
" @exodus0000000 said:
" Also do you guys REALLY believe Bruce Wayne had enough time to honestly master 120+ martial art styles? Like really? The guy's only human.  He's constantly out fighting crime and what not.  Who are/were his masters of each and every fighting class? You are aware that it takes YEARS to master ONE style right? Some of the best martial artists in the world only "master" or are proficient with a few, so how the f*** did he find the time to supposedly master 120+??? Also has he even demonstrated or used said multiple styles/skills in battle?  Just asking.  "
It's a comic, it isn't suppose to make sense, the same thing can be said about Black Panther and Mr X who have both mastered a majority of the styles on Earth alone.  "
Thing is, if comics aren't meant to make sense, then what's the point of these battles, lol. 
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@IAMtheHERO: well then... i'd still say batman, as the other guys rely on their shields/batons/vibranium in a fight. batman doesn't have weapons, only gadgets, when his fists fly they rarely hold a weapon
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batman with prep.... ev-er-reee-time
these guys man-o-man? still the batman may come out on top for the majority