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Black Cat and Killer Croc vs Kraven and Rhino

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Joker and Harley have no idea about Lesters aim, and as Jokers weapons tend to rely on him getting close enough to trick enemies into hurting them (hand buzzer, acid flower) or a surprise attack (knives), Joker in character should want to get close to Bullseye to have signature back stab - metaphor or not! Harley should follow suit as she has the hammer and no range attacks, and I don't believe she relies on stealth as much as allowing enemies close as they underestimate her.

Bullseye won't let either of these scenarios happen, as soon as there in range (and range for Lester is very versatile), he will aim between the eyes for the kill - perhaps first making a quip. Without a staggering amount of dodge feats, compared to Bullseyes usual sparring matches (Daredevil, Spider-man, Elektra, ninjas etc) he will hit them quickly, and lethally.

In short - Bullseye 8/10 due to the character nature of Joker and Harley relying on enemies underestimating them to get close, and Bullseye's nature to throw kill shots before they do.

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Deadshot and Harley vs Hawkeye and Mockingbird

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It sounds like Nova has the speed and durability to avoid most of Johns attacks, and endure them if any do tag him. That with his massive high level energy powers, while less versatile than a Green Lantern, Richard should be able to overpower John.

The Nova's speed wins it for me though, I see him dancing around Johns attacks and laying in with some serious cosmic power to defeat. Would be an epic showdown to watch them fly around in space.

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Voted Wolverine and then realized how pointless that was versus Batman fandom

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BRB wins for me - durability and raw power have the edge in this battle

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Todd Nauk annoys me

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@slade_wilson: First sensible answer of this match up, you are what swung it in GLs favour for me. To defend myself from 'anti-fanboy' patrol, I'd like to admit I don't read DC!

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Wait isn't deadpool dead/dying?

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I'm going with Green Lantern on this one, despite being much more into Marvel Comics. Everyone is debating defence, who has the better shield, but really the decision for me was based on offense. Magneto is limited to manipulating the metal around him, and I pretty sure John can shield against metal items no matter how fast they're flung. EMP attacks wouldn't work because, as far as I'm aware, the Green ring inst elrctrical. So, whilst Mags can take some Green energy mallet/giant boxing glove hits, I don't see him recovering and putting anything up against John Stewart that would worry him. Eventually, Magneto would suvcumb to the Green Lanterns vast diversity of attacks