Iron Man 3 rumor

So I have a friend who works for Disney, she says that...

- Pepper Potts will believe Tony Stark 'dies'

- They are 30+ armors

- Ben Kingsley will be the main baddie

dunno bout you, but over 30 armors sounds insane, even if we only see a glimpse of them in his workshop

Posted by Jorgevy

@Chaos Burn: maybe a continuation of Armor Wars in the previous movie? more baddies trying to copy Tony? and I mean Tony has in the time of three movies, counting avengers, made 7 or 8 armors, and War Machine, so it doesnt seem impossible or THAT insane

Pepper Potts thinking Tony dies, might be cool with the whole extremis plot. Maybe they'll go with something like that

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

My Lord, that smacks of Armor Wars if I ever did hear such a rumor...and Pepper thinking Tony is dead is consistent with elements of the Extremis story. Wow, maybe IM 3 will be a mix of both those stories...