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 Ray Palmer
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The world was going crazy over the reports of the aftermath of the fight between Andferne and Gambler. In some ways it was almost poetic. The ultimate hero against the ultimate villain, making once more the dance they had done for years until the moment that both of them were no more. Angelique, the daughter of Gambler had murdered her father along with one of his greatest enemies and by doing so made sure that there wasn’t a single doubt of who the next top villain would be.

Chaos Agent like most people around the globe wasn’t able to interfere at the moment of the fight, instead he had to stay in front of the monitor witnessing the battle that would once more change the world. “Are you watching this?” asks Jason Hamilton out loud to the man training in the shadows. “How could I not?” replies the man without stopping his exercise of movements. Even though his desire of staying on his training was undeniable one could see that he in fact was preoccupied for how the fight may finish. When the moment came for the young assassin to make her presence known it was the moment in which that man couldn’t move in any single way.

Doctors have confirmed what this reporter so greatly feared. Besides the former President and long time villain Gambler, the great hero Andferne has finally fallen in battle. I repeat: The hero Andferne has been found killed in action in Las Vegas.”

The words resonated across the base of operations without any possibility of going away. Chaos Agent stood up from his chair and then started to walk towards the mysterious figure. “Take the rest of the day off. We’ll begin tomorrow.” The man said as ordered and then left the room, when Chaos Agent turned-on the lights it was shown that he had lost one of his eyes, a small price for such a great finding. “We are going to make a trip tomorrow back to the United States.” Announced Chaos Agent to the other enigmatic figure that was standing in the dark. “You should remain in here in case someone tries to enter this place. Only reason we are going is because this is personal.”

Current time

The clouds were gray and the rain was intensive, almost as if the Earth was too mourning because it had lost its greatest protector, how fitting. The perfect arrangements had been made for the occasion, not only heroes but people of all across the world had reunited to pay homage to the hero who shined above all others. The presidents, emperors, kings and others from all around the globe were now all reunited to be in the front seats to thank the man who had protected their world more than any other. Ironic how so many of them attacked and hated others for such small matters as religion, race color, territory, etc. and now they were all together bonded by the common respect they had for Andy Summers. A sentiment that was shared by everyone else there and the ones that even though they tried couldn’t be there today.

It wasn’t the first time that the world had made a funeral for a fallen hero. Over the years many of the world’s greatest protectors had died doing what they did all their life, protecting the world. Some of them had died more than one time; this day wasn’t special because it was the funeral of a hero. It was special because today they would bury the one person that every single person looked up to. The importance of Andferne was obvious as he is the first man in all history to have a single white horse, riderless, grabbing and taking the casket drawn with the colors that Andy Summers wore all his life. The colors of the country he loved more than anything else.

As the horse arrives, the members of ICE grab it and take it in front of the just built statue of the hero of heroes. Most of them could hold it on their own without any problem but neither of them attempts to do it, as none of them desires to take the chance away from the others. The opportunity to say a final goodbye to the man that they followed through hell and beyond. The one that reminded them on every instance what being a hero was all about.

In the front seats various presidents stand in silent but the one of Italy can’t help but to make a question to the man in front of him, the current President of the United States of America. “Your office really made it big for him.” Says the President of Italy attempting to humor the atmosphere just a little bit. The man of the white office simply glimpses at the man next to him and then points his eyes back to the ceremony. “My office didn’t pay for this, before the news was even over we had received a check of a benefactor saying that he wanted to pay for all the costs of his ‘brother’. Only condition was that he was the first to speak on the ceremony.” Explains the president and then tries to stand silent. The other president, in surprise can’t help but to continue the conversation. “Who was this man?”

“No first name was written, but the check said that his last name was….Hamilton.”

Seconds later, two different figures started to emerge in the middle of the crowd, at first they couldn’t see their faces but soon it became apparent who they were. Surprise couldn’t be helped but to emerge in the crowd, especially in the heroes that were gathered in the place. The two figures were two men that were dressed in black suits. The one on the left was Jason Hamilton, the original Nighthunter and current Chaos Agent. Former member of the rebuilt Zero Squad until he mysteriously disappeared months ago without any explanation. The age and the injuries were evidently getting to Chaos Agent, especially the now lack of a left eye which was covered by an eye-patch. The one next to him could have passed for his son, and in more ways than one he was. That man was Jake Hamilton, the second Nighthunter and veteran hero of both the Zero Squad and ICE Dragons. Having been killed in the Light Wars after sacrificing himself to save the world a funeral had been done for him. Still, Nighthunter was back, more importantly Andferne was dead and there wouldn’t be a day of resting until justice was done.

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Was going to post my first two posts together like Precise but since I think it would help the people to know the location and atmosphere of the funeral. So I'll post the first one right now and the next one will be at most in one hour. 
_________________ is supposed to be the first one to speak in the funeral though, he paid for it lol

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" Does it matter he's dead XD.  "

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