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What i find interesting about all this is that it`s not your classic hero-sidekick duo, for example if Miles Morales would of been spidey`s sidekick then it would fall in to the classic mold.With alpha there is no thematic relation between hero and sidekick and honestly i find that really cool and refreshing. I also like the fact that this sidekick can really out due his mentor in the future , and i hope they don`t make alpha into a villain and instead he becomes a Marvel great, guided by one Marvel`s greatest good old Mr. Parker.

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Intresting theory you got , i never thought about it like that , always thought of tony stark as an original twist for batman but with the points you make i can see the whole metallo-ironman theory being a possibility. However if Stan Lee ever got inspiration from the competition i think he made sure that it wasn't extremely obvious that it was a knock off . I think now in days we see that more with characters from newer publishers for example image just to mention one .

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I think cyborgs ability`s work well with the JL,but I don`t see why they had to take the martian man hunter off the team, they could of still kept him and maybe it wouln`t feel that wieard if not just look at Justice League Doom where both of them are on the team and it just gives you the feeling that cyborg is just the new kid on the block but everything else is the same and it`s the JL has we know it.

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creeper looks more like the joker.

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Can't wait to see it. It's to bad they didn't keep Edward Norton as the Hulk.

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I think the old Ema from the Hell-fire Club was great, but i guess back then she wasn't in love as she is now. And love changes people for good or for bad.

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Awsome there's no way cyclops wins wolvi would take him any time.

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Bad idea indeed, If they where going to kill him find but don't give us a cheap knock off. 

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I think this is insane for these people to risk their life's like that. I think every one on this site has dreamed of being a super hero but that's one thing an other to go ahead and put on a costume on and risk getting killed or really messed up .I mean at least batman or green arrow have top notch equipment that helps them prevent getting messed up and plus they live in a comic book where the hero always makes threw unharmed. 

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