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Consider who she called on to strike down her family line. "Lords of Chaos". Exactly the sort to sow discord and reveal false truths. Any writer that wanted to, could very easily re-establish her familial relationship with Magneto. Nothing about this revelation has to stand, or be considered canon. It reads to me like just another nigh-omnipotent being playing around with the Scarlet Witch's head. A standard with the character, who has been a pawn of Magneto, Chthon, Immortus, and Doctor Doom. She's got a head full of broken glass, and is pretty much willing to believe just about anything, as long as said information is being disseminated by a "voice of authority".

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The Human Bomb.

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I can't think of a time, from the Silver Age forward, when there weren't stories featuring super villains facing off against different heroes. If pressed, I could literally come up with 100 examples, pre-dating Acts of Vengeance. It really bothers me that so many of these creators seem completely oblivious to the history of the publications they're hired to write.

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@daredevil21134: It was established, just after Hawkeye was resurrected, that Hawkeye was one of the rare few who could actually, effectively, wield the shield in combat. This is why Stark selected Hawkeye to take over the mantle of Captain America. Which Hawkeye refused to do. If Hawkeye was good enough to wield the shield, than you have to assume that all of his training came from the years he spent on the Avengers with Captain America. It would follow that if Captain America trained Hawkeye to use his shield, than he had to have trained the Falcon, too. They were partners for years. A master tactician like Captain America knows the value of his weapon. He also knows that, on occasion, he's going to get taken out, but his partner, the Falcon might still be in the fight. In that scenario, you damn well know Captain America is going to make sure the Falcon can use that shield, and use it well. I would consider the Falcon to be second only to Captain America in shield-wielding.

As far as using it differently goes. it would be nice if the artist of the series shows the Falcon using the shield in concert with his flying abilities. It would make sense that the Falcon would work out different attacks, both defensive and offensive, to couple the shield's effectiveness as a weapon with his aerial prowess. It's only the first issue. Give the creative team a chance.

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I think it's funny that Cyborg is getting his own film, but still...still... doesn't have his own series.

Suicide Squad before Wonder Woman? Seriously? I love the Suicide Squad. Well, the pre-"new" 52 Suicide Squad. That said, if you're doing a Wonder Woman film, maybe show the character the respect that she is rightfully owed, and release her film before the one featuring a cast of, largely, obscure third stringers.

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@wolfrazer: All of their post-Apocalyptic Silver and Bronze Age appearances turned out to be a simulation. The dreams of one of the Knights, who was part of a military program to determine how people would survive after a nuclear war. The characters appeared in a title called Strange Adventures. Then disappeared for at least a decade, until they were brought back in the Hercules Unbound series you mentioned. All of those stories were proven to be entirely fictitious in a DC Comics Presents issue, that featured a team-up with Superman and the Atomic Knights.

The concept has carried over in a couple of titles. DC launched an event series called "The Silver Age", which featured a new Seven Soldiers of Victory, of which an Atomic Knight was a member. They also appeared in the Battle for Bludhaven mini-series, and were ultimately killed in Final Crisis. Don't know if they have, or will be brought back in DC's current continuity.

I like the concept well enough... medieval knights in a post-apocalyptic world... but I don't think DC ever really did anything terribly interesting with the idea. Probably why they're fairly obscure characters.

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Yes, but only because of Hayley Atwell and the Howling Commandos. The show has exactly one hour to prove to me that season 2 will not continue to feature the flattest characters on television.

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I prefer Greek Mythology to Norse Mythology, so Wonder Woman.

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I'm not thrilled with all the changes the adaptation is making to the source material, either. That said, there was a lot of fear that Guardians of The Galaxy was going to be Marvel Studios first failure, and that turned out just fine. I long ago accepted the fact that I was never going to see a truly faithful film adaptation featuring any of the characters I grew up reading. Marvel's cinematic universe is essentially a "What If" story based on Marvel Comics. Ant Man, as a film, is going to be it's own thing. I'm willing to give that film the benefit of the doubt.