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gahh hard choice. Is it just craig bond? Ill have to rewatch the movies bond was a badass in them. Not sure ill vote in a bit

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It's time I started my project I think. I'm going to make montage videos for all the marvel characters displaying all of the combat moments and feats. Hopefully someone can make some Nolan character montages also

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Cap gets through round 1 with ease. They have no way at all to put cap down. Seriously? He has shown to tank blast from iron man ultron and alien weapons and virtually not be phased. Those same weapons were ripping through metal and vehicles with ease. He has a MASSIVE strength advantage. Plenty of feats to be shown for that. He is more skilled than all of them without a doubt. He can throw his shield hard enough to rip through metal. He has hit guys and launched them literally. Bane punching through some concrete doesn't mean anything to cap. It wouldn't even phase him. The guy has been blown through buildings he got launched by a rocket and smashed through a bus very fast and was temporarily knocked out. Then he got up like nothing happened. That would have killed bats bane and ra's most likely Hes been shot multiple times and still kicked winter soldiers butt. He clearly heals fast enough if he didn't bleed out from that. Those three have no answer for his shield. If he throws if fast enough and it connects they are going down.

I think he beats all rounds except for the comic book versions

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Team mcu with a comfortable win. Fisk is the tank of the group. Watch the DD vs kingpin fight and look at the damage he was taking and how he threw a fully grown man around with ease. I just watched the bane vs bat fights again. I really think kingpin could take bane and DD showed way more agility and fighting skill than batman did in h2h. Ra's was good but throwing Natasha in also is just solidifies the win. She is honestly better feat wise than any of them when it comes to fighting. DD suit showed plenty of durability against kingpin plus the guy can take a ton of punishment.

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The reapers were pretty powerful

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@kfabz-23: ya that's what I would say. He was KO for a bit but totally fine.

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@never_give_up: See what is combat speed? I could see Clark bull rushing him but thor has shown he can crash through buildings and be fine. Clark is faster no doubt but not by as much as everyone thinks. I see thor getting knocked around for a while until he can really unleash his power and KO clark. Not a stomp for either of them

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Can someone show me a gif or video of mos supes hitting super fast or throwing multiple punches in the blink of an eye. Not flying fast or blitzing people.

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I mean vision is virtually indestructible and Idk how super would fare against the phasing. Stark stated that that visions body could be more powerful than all of them when ultron was going to be uploaded into it. He was pretty powerful. Good fight

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Each fight takes place in an evacuated new York city.

Morals on for characters. Who wins and why? Assume that the characters are willing to kill

Win by KO or death. Random encounters. Read each battle for specifics

Black widow vs Spartacus- spartacus has two swords. Natasha has two batons.

Ronan no gem vs Hellboy H2h

DD vs Deckard Shaw (Fast 7) h2h black suit for DD

Hawkeye vs Robocop- Hawkeye has his bow and trick arrows. Robocop cop has two pistols and is running without emotions at 100% efficiency

Iron man (AOU suit) vs Dracula (dracula untold)- clouds cover the city

Captain America vs T 800- cap has shield and terminator has one m16 with 30 round magazine

Thor vs Neo (has powers as if he was in matrix)

The Thing vs Megatron

Hulk vs King Kong