Would you watch a Spartacus spin off? ( SPOILERS!!)

I really loved the entire Spartacus series. It sucked when andy died and they had to replace spartacus but liam did a great job filling the role. The last episode shows the death of most of our favorite characters. I think the show could have a spin off though. Agron and Nasir are really the only main characters to survive. I liked em both but im not sure they could carry and entire show. I would have really like to watch a solo series on Gannicus. If they could somehow have him survive being crucified that would be awesome. We assume he died but it never showed it. I think Ceasar was an awesome character also.

So if you were to watch a spin off who would you want to see in it?

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Posted by kuonphobos

There is a rumor that they are mulling over a possible Caesar spin-off. Google (Bing) it. The rumor includes using the same actor who played "surfer dude" Julius in S:WotD.

And to answer your question. Yes I would give it a try.

Posted by Aiden Cross

I just lost interest when Andy passed away so i haven't seen the new Spartacus. Gannicus was good though.

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I'd be interested in a Caeser spin-off.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

A caeser spinoff would be fantastic. Id watch it.

Posted by cfrehse

@aiden_cross: you should give it a chance its just as good if not better. Did you watch the prequel season?

Posted by Aiden Cross

@cfrehse: i did :) And you're right. I should give it a chance, but Andy was so amazing in that part that i have a hard time picturing someone else do it just as well :)

Posted by Wolfrazer

@aiden_cross: Liam did an excellent job, you should watch it...the series is just...its just...you can't even describe it lol.

Posted by Aiden Cross

@wolfrazer: alright, alright, i'll put my prejudice to the side and watch it :p