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Wally West Flash

Bugs Bunny

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Son Goku is both, depending on the people.

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This'll be an entertaining thread.

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Overrated - Hulk

Underrated - Batman. Just Kidding, but for real I'm not sure.

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I always love the overrated/underrated questions. More appropriately, it should be, 'What character do you not like that is popular and what character do you like that no one talks about?' I don't enjoy Deadpool like a lot of people and I don't think enough people read Winter Soldier.

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It all depends on popularity. You tend to find the heroes with the larger fan bases having more crazy fanboys who overate their hero saying they can beat anyone when the hero really cant. heroes with smaller fanbases are underated from lack of knowledge, if you never heard of them you have no idea what their power levels are or what they can do so you tend to dub them down from not knowing.

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Overrated - Superman

Underrated - Black Panther

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Overrated- Batman( Bats is one of my favorite characters, but some younger fans tend to use the Batprep argument to prove that he's the best superhero)

Underrated- Red Hood

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overrated: SHuma Gorath

underrated: Kid Buu

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Wally West

Captain America


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Why do people call the Hulk overrated when I've only seen him win about 3 battles since I joined nearly 2 years ago?