What comic characters would you want as bodyguards?

If you had to choose some comic characters to protect you who would you chose?

Heres the scenario- You are in the white house. You can pick 5 bodyguards. They all have to be street levelers or close.

Elektra, deathstroke, taskmaster, bullseye and bane are all trying to kill you. Who would you pick?

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Deadpool, Wolverine, John Constantine, Spider-man and Batman.

Come at me, bros.

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No one can touch me....

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Spider-Man, Batman, Deadpool, Boba Fett and Wolverine

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deathstroke, wolverine, lady shiva, dare devil and batman

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I'd want Batman as my bodyguard like Bruce Wayne does.

Oh, wait...

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Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Ultimate Captain America, Lady Shiva, and Karate Kid

Iron Fist sank a Helicarrier, 'nuff said. Spider-Man is an underrated powerhouse with strength and agility. Ultimate Cap is the leader with his tactical genius, and his CQC and durability levels are just beast (and I'm in the White House, so it's only fitting!). Lady Shiva is the finest 21st century fighter (though I guess I could've gone with Dragon), and Karate Kid is arguably the DCU's finest combatant, and he can focus his chi and crap to blow up entire ice glaciers (or something along those lines).

The only real threats from the assassins would be Deathstroke and maybe a non-jobbing Taskmaster.

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Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Flash.

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Buffy, Faith, Artemis (Young Justice), Iron Fist, and Captain America.

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Im not sure how you top the strangler from spongebob. Best bodyguard ever, no argument

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Batman, Barry Allen, Deadpool and color kid. Just to make fun of him

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Venom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Howard the Duck (if Marvel)

Hal Jordan, Batman, Superman, Kilowog/Arkillo, Aquaman (if DC) - Aquaman really would give me an advantage. Think about it.

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@judasnixon: nice choices and thats an addicting game

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Superman, Deathstroke, Luke Cage, Aquaman (in the water), Snake Eyes, and Batman..

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I think nearly everyone forgot about the street-levelers rule haha....oh well.

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Mister X and Domino.

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Roland Deschain, nobody quicker on the draw. Hulk, for intimidation purposes. Hawkeye, he could blend in better than others. And Jason Todd, for long range coverage.

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Deadpool, Hush, Hulk, The Comedian, Jason Todd, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter.

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Punisher, Captain America, Hawkeye, Agent Zero, and Black Panther.

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Batman, Superman, Daredevil, Judge Dredd, and all 4 Ninja Turtles. I need a lot of guys, I'm important