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Lois Lane

Wonder Woman


Scarlet Witch

Kitty Pryde

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already done before m8 :(

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Power Girl
Black Canary
Black Cat
Invisible Woman
Emma Frost

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Aquaman, he's dreamy...

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Power Girl, Pre-52 Raven and/or Zatanna. All three have very good looks, and a personality i could hold a conversation with, I guess.

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Zatanna. She would not only be a fantastic girlfriend, but her powers are hella useful.

Hon, I'm hungry...

"hciwdnas raeppa"

Thank you!!

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She Hulk (All 3)





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  1. Black Widow
  2. Shuri (Black Panther Female)
  3. Psylocke


  1. Ravager (Rose Wilson)
  2. Starfire
  3. Batgirl (Barbara)
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Linda Park(if not married to Wally)

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Big Bertha.

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Cassandra Cain

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Imma make her a sandwich

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-Wonder woman








-Susan Storm

-Song bird

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Gaea, she's beautiful, nurturing, and essentially omnipotent

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Zatanna, maybe Wonder Woman.

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Marvel- Storm, She-Hulk(love strong women)

DC- Wonder Woman, Vixen

VALIANT- Flamingo, Alyssa

Image- Sara Pezzini, Aphrodite IX, Lethal

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Elaine Belloc

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Kitty Pryde


Black Widow

Emma Frost

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storm ! she has the personality, looks and everything.

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not in this order: wonderwoman, vixen, fairchild, zatanna, transonic (maybe), rogue, psylocke, hope summers (maybe), hawkgirl, jubilee (sans vampirism), supergirl, stargirl, starfire (pre new 52), wondergirl (pre new 52), miss martian, wasp, namorita, fatality (post homicidal phase), nu'bia (earth 23), thunder (even though she won't like me), cyclone, gehenna, soranik natu, aneeka (dora milaje), any of the midnight angels, any of the stepford cuckoos, okoye (dora milaje), dejah thoris, raven (maybe), angel (sans babies), powergirl, shadowcat

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Cyclops, Aquaman, Shadowman, Superboy or Hawkguy.

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Harley Quinn
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I would (attempt) to date Power Girl. She has plenty of spunk with great looks and great personality.

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Aunt May. Good enough for Octavius, good enough for me.

But in all reality, I can't answer this question... Probably Mystique, cause then I could make my choice later. (Although she'd probably not listen. Also, I'm not a pig who would ask her to change every five minutes. Nevermind. Back to indecisiveness.)

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Kara Zor El...

Oh Kara.

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@xanni15: That way, if I switched teams, she'd still work...

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Black Canary or Zatanna.

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kitty pryde, zatanna, queen angella, dazzler, etc...