Hows My Avengers Team?

These are the people i would want on the Main avengers team. Do you think this is a good team and how do you think they would stand up against the Current Avengers in a Morals on Fight in New York. No BFR. My avengers are in bold next to the current avengers

My Avengers Team---- Current Avengers

Star-Lord- Leader- Captain America

Omega Sentinel- Misc- Iron Man

Wonderman- Powerhouse- Hyperion

Fantomex- Street lvl’r- Hawkeye

Sentry- Powerhouse- Thor

Gambit- Scrapper- Wolverine

Gamora- All Around- Ms. Marvel

Elektra-Iinfiltrator- Black Widow

Skaar- Bruiser- Hulk

Tigra- High street lvl’r- Spiderman

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This would be an interesting team (in a good way), thou I think the current Avengers team would beat them.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Avengers Unlimited

Avengers Unlimited: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Manager/Financial Broker/Government Liason: Nick Fury

Council/Founding Members: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, Hank Pym, Black Panther, Hawkeye,

Monitor/Day To Day Operations: The Vision

Members: Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Falcon, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Namor, She-Hulk, Sentry, Nova, Tigra, Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, War Machine, Hercules, Rescue, Deadpool, Black Cat, Black Bolt, Arachne, Wonder Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Red Hulk, Firestar, Elektra, Ghost Rider

Young Avengers/Avengers Academy ( Branch Team)

Baron Zemo & The Thunderbolts (Branch Team)

Fantastic Four (Branch Team)

Note: The X-Men are allies but not a branch team

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Not to shabby. ;)

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@jnr6lil I know its not all of them but its most of the avengers that have appeared since marvel now avengers

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I would love to see Quill on the avengers