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BTW, I tried to listen to the rest of the podcast. A minute in, Judd Winick started saying over and over, "Isn't this fun?" That you're answering questions with a coy little, "Sorry! Can't say!" and condescendingly referring to the people who object to yet another DC reboot as a micro-minority.  
No, that isn't really fun. It's maddening to hear you say it, and infuriating for the podcast crew to go along. Go back to drawing big boobs on Karen Starr or something.

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For real. Even more so when you aren't just creating starships and explosions, but doing motion capture on human beings for significantly long shots. Even if that gets faster, I bet getting funding for it won't.

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Once again, Kevin Smith shows us what a self-indulgent dink he is. Typical indie success story. He thinks his success is an indicator of his genius, when in fact he maybe wrote one or two good things and there was a confluence of good luck and people's taste meeting what he had to offer. Stop, stop, stop making heroes more "human." Could you try making them...I don't know...heroic?

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He would immediately start dying and coming back to life. In between that, he would turn into an enormous wuss who spent his free time complaining about how he wasn't able to balance being a superhero with having a normal life. As if that's what he ever wanted.

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My favorites are the Jim Aparo Batman and the Norm Breyfogle Batman from the 90's.

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1. Dark Knight.  
2. Batman 89. Which is a weakness, in my opinion. The more comic book movies seem like watching a comic, the worse and less respected they are. The Dark Knight is simply a great movie.

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For real. Taking down Superman in Dark Knight Returns is unforgettable. First time I read it, I thought, "He doesn't have a chance!" And when he landed a punch that hurt, it was a distinctly perverse sense of pleasure.

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At the beginning, now, and forever, the Joker.  I don't think he was always the mirror image we think of today, he was just a cruel prankster. But since The Killing Joke, we think of the duality between the two characters. Crazily, the characterizations of the Joker seem to bring our estimation of the Batman down, either because he refuses to kill him once and for all, or because we start to see Batman just as broken as the Joker.