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If they keep the song and re-film this in Live action, I'm completely sold.

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I'd say a bloodlusted, out of character Cavill Superman could probably take on the entire Marvel cinematic Universe and win. I'm not a "Man of Steel" fan in any way at all, but I can admit to the fact that he did have better feats in the films then any of the Marvel characters have. The only person on the team who could him a good fight is Thor, but he hasn't displayed the type of power Superman has in any way. Who knows, maybe in 2015 we'll get some good Thor and Hulk feats and have to I'll have to re-evaluate my opinion on this one, but for now, I'm saying Superman wins.

I'm bumping this thread to address this. I just can't help it.

Sorry, but that's not even close to being true. Silver Surfer, Galactus, & Phoenix could all solo him.

As for the battle, Superman probably wins as long as he's out of character.

I like how you bumped a thread just to correct me for something which you're entirely wrong on, actually. None of the characters you mentioned are connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When people refer to the MCU, they're talking about the world in which the Iron Man/Captain America/Thor films take place in, not necessarily connecting every character who has ever appeared in a movie that's owned by Marvel. Spider-Man, Fantastic 4 and the X Men have nothing to do with the MCU, they're all owned by different studios hence not connected to Marvel.

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this is kind of strange, but I really, really can't stop thinking about Robin Williams and his death. I just keep going back to why? Why would a man who had such a vast amount of connections not be able to contact somebody before it was too late? What sort of inner demons was he facing, and I also can't help but wonder how long he had been facing them. Was his entire personality and stage persona just a ruse so people would think he was happy?

I'm still really shocked. I'm really gonna miss that dude. He's made some really good movies, and I just always assumed he'd be making them until his retirement.

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Speechless. He was a legend.

This is the most shocked and depressed I've been at the passing of a celebrity in years.

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What is the best way to determine who would win between certain comic characters? Why, buy action figures of them and re-enact the battles yourself!

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Hah, interesting concept, but way unfair for Thor.

Perhaps give Thor Silver Surfer's powers. Or maybe the powers of BRB and Sentry. It's just that The Avengers that you picked really can't compete with the JL members in terms of raw power.

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Supa Hot Fire obliterates.

A rapper does simply not beat one.....who is not a rapper.

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@god_spawn: @wolverine08: You guys seem to forget Daken's weakness.


They pull this off, they can win this fight.

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@squares: True but the thing is his mutant heritage wasn't really brought up in the storylines of his early appearances and it really wasn't until he started appearing in X-Men comics that he was confirmed to be a mutant. You're right though, Sabretooth has always been a mutant and has never been identified as anything else, it's just that in his stories featuring the Foreigner that part of his character wasn't fleshed out yet or addressed.

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I mean, I don't think anyone thinks he's weak - just not up to speed with some of the characters he's put into battles with. When you put Superman in a battle with another character, the vote will most likely go to Superman, especially with Marvel characters (Unless he's put into a battle with a character like Silver Surfer who is on his level and above). Apocalypse has pretty good feats and I do think a lot of the posters in his battle threads lowball him a bit, but his track record against higher-tier characters is mixed at best and while he is stated to be one of the most powerful mutants, he has lost battles in comics in the past.

If you're looking through old threads, I've come to notice that a lot of DC fans used to be the predominant debaters of the Vine. Some of the people who debated for Marvel would come across as downright arrogant and would not back up their statements with anything, so that was a factor as well. Can Apocalypse beat Superman? I think it's absolutely possible that he could and that would be a very good fight.