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Dr. Doom in White = LMAO 0

The FF -- including Doctor Doom all decked out in white -- show up unannounced on Utopia! The X-Men learn that Scott's ex, Lee Forrester, captain of the Nostromo, is in trouble.  Unfortunately, I can't recommend this issue or this book. I've had a subscription so I know, this is a book that isn't much of a part of continuity. The art changes frequently, and not for the best. The facial expressions are too extreme, and there isn't enough detail to pull the viewer into the panels. And I know some ...

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Best Supergirl Issue Ever! 0

This shows how good Nick Spencer is, even with only one issue to play with. I only wish after reading this that he had been allowed to finish the arc, but it's pretty clear why he wasn't: Alex.  Alex is an excellent villain - basically "The Social Network" founder of Facebook, but twisted in a manipulative direction. He opens the issue with a rant on ancient Rome that quickly shows his distorted viewpoint, and why he thinks killing off superheroes is justified. He's invented an app he's released...

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Can't get a 5 when the art is a 2.5! 0

Alright, alright, let me halt the hype train that is word of mouth about Detective comics. Scott Snyder has been doing excellent, excellent work writing this, researching it and coming up with wonderful twists on villain motivations. In "Hungry City", he researched banks and the reader really feels the difference when they are talked up to for a change! His Tiger Shark has an interesting way of speaking to Batman through his henchmen and is part of a sort of lineage of ancient pirates and sea pe...

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Godfather used a Horsehead, but a Killer Whale Trumps It! 0

Scott Snyder does a great job in his issues of setting up a strange occurence that leaves you wondering what in the world it can mean, then shows it to be even stranger than you thought, then twists the knife by making it very sinister!  Spoilers follow... but some you can suss out from the cover...  A dead killer whale is found in an independent bank, and the woman who runs the bank Batman learns is Tony Zucco's ex! Beautiful set-up, and you know Dick is fully invested already. Then he has it c...

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Tragicomic Mash-up 0

This is a great illustration of the problem with Grant Morrison's work on Batman. There is a layer of absolutely ruthless and degenerate evil exposed through the villains against their victims. And there is a layer of gonzo, outrageous, out-of-left-field bizarre humor. In trying to incorporate both, Morrison's run is failing on both levels. Now I know, people love his stories over the long run, but a TON of it is just based on this simple formula:  Something that would never happen, or should ne...

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Carnage: Great Art! 0

A female Carnage is just the first of many surprises in this iss'. Written by Zeb Wells, Joss Whedon's son, this is great for fans of Cletus Kasady as >>>SPOILER ALERT<<< he appears near the end, not feeling entirely human, since he's gone Borg from the waist down.  Spider-Man and Iron Man have clearly put the Civil War unpleasantness behind them as they team up against Carnage. Which is good, because as enjoyable as it was to pit them against each other and have Parker rig his...

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