Think Joker's just sitting back, letting Batman create his own army of Batmen? No, the Duke of Death is creating his own team:  


And while the Bat Brand is worldwide, Joker's going global - even recruiting outside the DCU...

>> Joker's mouth has been edited for language and long lapses into maniacal laughter <<
Anyone have any leads on the OTHER members of Joker, Inc.?

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Great list, "puddin!"  XD

Posted by sithfrog

Very fun, a great list!
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This is so awesome.

Posted by tojphantom

Fun read!  Thanks!

Posted by Bopper Girl

You should add bane and ivy and two-face too.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

what about your kid Anarky? im pretty sure he's over 18 and his moms dead so you wouldnt have to worry about child support payments. 
Posted by The Hobgoblin

Nice list, I was wondering myself about Joker staring his own global group in the same style as Batman Inc.
Posted by J1ml33

now that is how you beat the bat at his own game :D ( my only regret that is not a wound -be in another perfect world 52 new DC titles ) heck I would draw it if I had the chance . other than that it`s a Winner !

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Nice list, really funny.