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@Graysonfan11 said:

They can be either autobot or decepticon
when atleast 50 entries are submitted then i will ask my friend poet to
make a topic to see the top 18 autobots and top 18 decepticons chosen
by you.

YOu may add more infro if you wish about your chracter.

Fanfiction and rpf forums have already started and the story will be posted in their forums as it will be episodes. Thank you if extra info is needed just pm me.

I think you should have this on the Fan Fic page or Off Topic, because it isn't exactly a contest; it's a fun thing to participate in and when enough do, THEN it becomes a contest to be one of the 18 each. I just think that not a lot of people check the Contests forum, think these others will give you more responses. But while I'm here...

Name: Cell Clone

Gender: Male

Colour: Black with Silver highlights

Function: Warrior

Alliance: Decepticon

Rank: 1800 :P

Vehicle mode: Phone company repair rig

Special Abilties: Cell towers boost his power and information transmissions. Winch-whip. Launches up to a dozen cell phones: Decepticon drones which transform into minibots that interfere with an enemy's systems, analyze, and return to Cell Clone to help him duplicate some of the "sampled" enemy's powers.

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The Angry Beavers - 11

Hey Arnold - 13

Rugrats - 9

Ducktales - 10

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers - 12

Invader Zim - 13

Looney Tunes - 11

Garfield and Friends - 4

Gummi Bears - 5 (+1) Magic and mystery are part of their history... PUT YA HANDS UP!

The Simpsons - 13

Family Guy - 7

South Park - 11

Gargoyles - 11

Adventure Time - 17

Thundercats (80s) - 20

X-Men (90s) - 20

Rocko's Modern Life - 11

Spongebob Squarepants - 8 (-1)

Talespin - 10

Futurama - 12

Batman The Animated Series - 32

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>>> spoiler to anyone reading these comments that hasn't seen the episode <<<

SOOOO glad they killed Shane. It was quite a surprise coming off the death we had in the last episode. Think it could have been even better if Randall had escaped so that we knew his group of maybe 35 unhinged humans know about the farm. That threat is still out there, though, so no worries. I just didn't like Shane, and it was becoming annoying instead of tense whenever he and Rick were off alone.

I hope the new walkers are fast like the one in 28 Days Later -- the SCARIEST zombie movie ever. There is only so much fear you can feel at an antagonist you can literally run circles around. I think the change in transmission is foreshadowing this -- Shane was getting after Rick pretty quick for a new walker...

Great review.

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Heroes- 11

The Big Bang Theory-11


Buffy the Vampire Slayer-16 (+1)

Smallville- 23

Two and a Half Men- 4 (-1: LOOOSING!)

Family Guy-10

The Simpsons- 13



Switched at Birth-10

Pretty Little Liars-10

True Blood- 10

Rookie Blue- 10

Degrassi: The Next Generation- 3


The Walking Dead-15

Secret World of Alex Mack-11

Doctor Who-12

All That-10

Vampire Diaries-12

Secret Cirlce-8

Young Justice- 10

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien- 8


Seinfeld- 9

King of Queens-10


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No problem, Gylan, I voted on it. Can you comment on my image at this link? Thanks!  

BTW, I think more people will vote on your review if you post the link: 
You need 4 yes votes on Was this helpful? and 3 no votes on it. Even thought the quest SAYS 3 ups and 3 downs, when I finally completed it, it says: "You got more than 5 up and down votes..." Good luck.
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