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Ask and ye shall receive...a 'Hot Shot'

G-Man, appreciate all the new things you try out to keep it fresh, from "Comic Ketchup", "The Magnificent Seven", "Buy, Sell, or Trade", to "Ask and Ye Shall Receive... Answers" - but especially you and Sara discussing comic-related movies (Avengers, for example). Since they are common now, would you consider video reviews of these movies? You could even link two movies in one review to save editing time!

Hello again and welcome to the Comic Vine podcast! I'm Judge Babs here with editor-in-chief Judge G-Man!

Also, what did you and Sara think of "Dredd"? I thought the relationship between female trainee Andersen and the assessor Judge Dredd was excellent, and was especially interested in Sara's thoughts on this psychic cop.

Oh wait, you guys could tell us in a video review that also discusses whichever comic movie is out at the time! ;)

Instead of thumbs up or down, you could high five over it, give it a number of stars, call it a hit or a miss - I don't know! You'll think of something...

P.S. - G-Man definitely should have been Judge Dredd for Halloween - call him the "J-Man"...! You should take donations on the site toward the costume -- I'm in for $50 if you do the movie reviews! Oh, for Sara too, but I don't know if she could stomach being a blonde...? #brunette pride

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Great podcast, and thanks for clarifying questions here.

MY QUESTION: will you guys do a video review of Dredd?! It was excellent, and I'm sure everyone wants to know what you and Babs think, especially of Judge Andersen...

Did you think Judge Andersen was better than Black Widow in Avengers? Have to say, I did, which is high praise considering how well they wrote her in that one...

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Couldn't resist saying: If they can call Castiel, he'll kick a$$, as The Crow flies! Know that's probably out of the question, and I MAY be a bit biased... ;)

: Agree that the Crow wouldn't fight them. Hi again, good to see you...!

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@superstay: Great videos! Yes, they work great together because they both have separate origins where they were exceptional among even the best in their community growing up -- yet when it comes to each other, these strengths are common and shared: super strength, the ability to fly, indestructibility, loooong life. Red, blue, and gold costume. But they differ enough to be exotic to each other: one an alien origin, the other supernatural. Gauntlets, invisible jet, lasso of truth; heat/x-ray vision, space cradle, freezing breath.

It also only makes sense for near immortals to choose each other, since Lois and Steve will die of old age long before they do. But Superman looks better next to Wonder Woman, because she is a warrior who stresses compassion and peace -- it makes his "boy scoutedness" look like the same mission.

They also seem more like royalty than other characters, so their character doesn't have a drastic change meshed together, as Wonder Woman/Batman would.

: Agree with you, as always!

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@Mbecks14 said:

The parents and the name change I'm not too concerned about.

It's the Batman recruiting Tim part I have a problem with. Tim's deduction of Batman's identity and persistence of becoming Robin made him unique. Now he's barely any different than Jason or Dick.

I've gone from mad to sad to just disappointed. I'm slowly giving up on DC more and more.

QFT, OMG. DO NOT mess with Tim Drake. I declare the New 52 "non-canon" where teenaged characters are concerned!

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Politics and Comics.... sigh.

QFT. This guy though, if he made threats, should get deleted. But I get where you're coming from -- I want plots in my comics, not politics. This though seems to be around the edges of the comic forums, so I don't mind a smackdown on persistent harassers...

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@Gokujam said:

Why is no one saying what I'm thinking? He looks startlingly like what a terrorist would look like if he got a GL ring. It's a weird, unfortunate design choice.


: Is anyone going to mention the 600 pound elephant in the room? He's a muslim. I don't want to see any Islamist apologetics in a comic book adventure. If he did turn out to be a villain, it would be such an un-PC turn that heads would spin, so I think Tony is right, that he'll turn out to be a hero and the initial scuffles are a misunderstanding...

I hope DC doesn't go the route of Marvel and create a female muslim in a niqab and try to mainstream or justify it -- femasculation of women I absolutely will not countenance, whatever your religion. That is empty-headed tolerance, and France was smart to take a stand against it.

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