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I have this massive one that only just fits across my wall haha (and yeah it has to cover over my mirror a little)

and also this dark x-men one by jae lee

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kris anka mentioned on his tumblr that the 'tempest' thing was a mistake, and its going to be edited in time for the print run and it will read tempus : )

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i love legacy, even the art! I think its quirky and actually suits the tone of the book, people can be too harsh i think. I definitely buy every issue from my LCS because i feel the same, i would hate it to be cancelled! sharing your worries haha.

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wasnt he listed as a teacher at the jean grey school?

or was that 'sex ed' class with remy lebaeu just a joke haha

it shouldnt be i would sign up for that class

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*bam* shutdown

this ones a definite fave. Scott's face. Emma's sass.

scott being a dork when he needs saving in the negative zone. the namor hope panel is from the same book. I really liked that book haha.

^and whatever the hell is happening her i love it

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@ctg said:

@oldnightcrawler said:

@ctg said:
  • Dust

  • Surge
  • Hellion
  • Rockslide
  • Cuckoos
  • Eye-Boy
  • Armor
  • Blindfold

cool team.. is that who you voted for?


I gotta ask you guys though - what about Dust appeals to you? She's a pretty high vote getter and that surprises me.

I'm Muslim and anyone who lives in the US knows there's a strong anti-Muslim sentiment here, which is part of the reason I'm surprised she's so popular (at least according to this small poll).

When she was first introduced, I was skeptical b/c she had a fairly stereotypical power - I mean really, an Arab with the power of sand? However as I read more and more New X-Men, I feel like she was written extremely well. The writing made an interesting character, while sticking to the lifestyle of a young Muslim (ie her initial interactions with Surge, turning down Jay Guthrie when he asked her to the dance, etc). They even had some fun with it during the Purifiers attack on the school when Rockslide saw her w/o garb on. Now to any Muslim who hasn't read the book would be turned back by hearing about that sequence, but the way it was executed was extremely funny - especially considering the Purifier's attack on the school was a pretty brutal read.

So I ask, what appeals to you guys about Dust? I'm really interested in your thoughts.

I thought she was a good character on her teams because she has a personality that balances out the others. Like Pixie and surge and Rockslide are all kind of high energy characters, while dust is more mature and serene. She always came across as like the rational one ahahaha. Those kind of characters don't tend to exist often on comic book 'teen' teams so she kind of stood out for me for that. Plus she comes across as someone who would do anything for her friends.

And her power is badass! when i first read about her i was like wait what her power is sand? really? that seems kinda lame oh wait ohMYGOD SHE JUST STRIPPED THE SKIN OFF THAT GUYS HAND HOLY SHIT SAND CAN DO THAT?!

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@cerealkiller said:

@oldnightcrawler: really? i say half mutant because they also have half-alien DNA and half-Atlantean DNA respectively.

Think of it this way: Namor's half Atlantean-half Human, but he's a mutant on both counts, right?

so your saying both his parents were half mutants too?? i hope it doesn't sound like im arguing, im just genuinly curious to get this sorted out now! haha.

Because i know that being a mutant isnt always about genetics, since mutants can be born from two completly normal/human parents. but i thought his father was a normal human, and i thought his mother was a normal atlantean. so if he wasnt a mutant, he'd at least be half atlantean anyway. he just happened to be a mutant as well, so...half atlantean, but also a mutant???

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@oldnightcrawler: really? i say half mutant because they also have half-alien DNA and half-Atlantean DNA respectively.

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  1. Emma Frost
  2. Cyclops
  3. Blindfold
  4. Abigail brand (half mutant, she still counts right?)
  5. Namor (another half mutant. Still totally counts)
  6. Legion
  7. Pixie
  8. Dr Nemesis
  9. Kitty Pryde
  10. Colossus

I feel like mine is a strangely mixed list haha

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I totally agree! This series is one of my favourites right now, right up there with uncanny x-men!

i really hope more people keep reading it, you cant judge a series after one issue! I would hate for it to get cancelled...its so unique and well written with such good character development and dialogue. some of the art isnt my favourite but in a way its kind of quirky and charming. to me anyway.