Great Yet Completely Underused Characters

Big Barda

Big Barda has been around since 1971 and has never had her ongoing series. I'm not implying all long running characters deserve an ongoing series. However, Big Barda is, in my opinion, one of the most awesome characters the DC Universe has. With the help of Scott Free, Big Barda overcame the brainwashing of Darkseid and became a pillar of moral character. Super Strong, Super Tough, Beautiful and Vicious. I hope that Barda can receive a new life in the new 52. She's just to great a character to keep stuck in limbo. P.S. when she became a green lantern in JLA: Another Nail, it was awesome

Mr. Miracle

I understand why Mr. Miracle isn't necessarily the first choice when it comes to receiving a series. His original gimmick left for not a lot different plots. Basically if he didn't get captured in some crazy, inescapable mechanism then it didn't have anything to do with him. In recent years, his powers of escape extended and made him a great tactician and combatant

Barda and Scott Free

One thing that DC, and a lot of other comic companies, doesn't discuss enough is an in depth portrayal of a married Super Family. Not only are they married,but they happily in love and it could be interesting to see further. Plus there aren't a lot of heroes whose wives kick more ass than the man.

Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is completely awesome. She's been badass since appearing in Richard Dragon and has only gotten cooler. I love her portrayal in The Question the most. A woman who isn't really evil, but just loves to fight. She's a Blood Knight and an Anti-Hero. She kills, yet will save Vic Sage's life just because he has a warrior's passion. Shiva's character is complex and a little crazy and could really have good material if explored further.

Terry McGinnis

It's hard for DC to commit to Terry. Because it commits to the fact that Batman will get old and will have to retire.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians are just awesome, like nextwave. Sometimes they're silly, but they will always be great.


Vixen has been a major supporting character in the DC Universe since her inception. I really would like to see her in her own series. After the awesome Vixen: Return of The Lion, we see that Mari still has time to grow and become a better person. No longer needing her Tantu totem means her powers could be growing stronger. How strong? I wish we could find out

Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya was great in Gotham Central, great in Batman No mans land, spectacular in 52 and even Gotham Girls. And know she's awesome as the question. However, since her backup feature in Detective Comics ended. She's been a know show. The Character of the Question is probably in my top five heroes, so this discerns me the most. I assumed she'd be front in center in the new 52. 19 weeks later and only one picture appearance in the Batwoman book. Please don't let this character die she's strong, she's cool, she's strategic, and at the risk of sounding redundant, she's awesome.

Vic Sage

If I can't get Renee Montoya as The Question, then dammit I want Vic Sage back. Bring him back, at least as some sort of mentor to Renee or possibly as an entirely new character. But Vic is great and deserves a new life in the New 52.


A lot of people don't even know who Silhouette Chord is. She was a great member of the New Warriors. A disabled member who can teleport to different places. But it was character that was the best. She was shot and paralyzed from the waist down and still decided to be a hero. I liken her to Oracle in that regard

Misty Knight

Now I love the Heroes For Hire books. However, Misty can't seem to separate herself from that title. She's a great in their as leader and all around chestmaster of her team. But it would better if she would get on her own. Get some common enemies. Let the readers actually learn about her life.

In closing these are the characters I like to see more in the limelight of their respective universes. I am by no meaning saying this is some injustice or anything I just feel they would be better if they were used more.

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Posted by sandiego008

@CEO_OF_FRESH: I do like silhoutte as well. And to give a vague answer I wish all the great martial art masters of both DC/Marvel universe that are rarely ever shown would make more cameos putting their pupils in place.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Alot of these characters for all we know might not even be in production anymore

Posted by Decoy Elite

Plastic Man comes to mind as well.

Seriously the guy could hold up an entire book on his own given the chance IMO.

Posted by Daveyo520


Posted by Deadcool

I want Vic back...

Posted by progenitor

Mister X, The Gorgon.

Edited by damswedon

Anarky (Lonnie Machin) or really any of Alan Grant's Bat-villains, but after the abortion that appeared in Fabian Nicieza's Red Robin it would be best if he is left in obscurity.

Posted by *Void*

Praxis from DC  was a cool character who could have gotten his own comic.
High Evolutionary& Seeker could make a good series, it would have to be about Seeker mostly though and could delve into the mind purpose of HE.The villain Speedfreak could be have a cool Villain based Comic.

Posted by AnthonyPalomo

I agree with Plastic Man, but he's getting his own series on Cartoon Network so it all works out. The Question was pretty cool too, especially at times like this with all these conspiracy theories rolling around.

Posted by maikkywin

Phoenix .

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Decoy Elite: Yeah you're right I forgot all about Plastic Man, he's great.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

I really love your list. But the I always thought that the Gaurdians of the Galaxy got their fair share or screentime. Especially in the last five years with Marvel's cosmic events like Annihilation etc...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@TheWitchingHour said:

I really love your list. But the I always thought that the Gaurdians of the Galaxy got their fair share or screentime. Especially in the last five years with Marvel's cosmic events like Annihilation etc...

ah man I wish Marvel Cosmic was still about
Posted by TheWitchingHour

@spiderbat87 said:

@TheWitchingHour said:

I really love your list. But the I always thought that the Gaurdians of the Galaxy got their fair share or screentime. Especially in the last five years with Marvel's cosmic events like Annihilation etc...

ah man I wish Marvel Cosmic was still about

Me too. It was a really appreciated change of pace from Civil War and Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. While those stories were fun, I felt like the Marvel Cosmos really was sorted out and wonderfully detailed in a way it hadn't been before. Instead of Captain Marvel or Silver Surfer psychedelic acid trips (which are still pretty fun) we got to see the actual geography of the Kree and the Shi'ar and the Skrull as well as other alien races. Not only that but interstellar politics were brought to light too. It was actually very fun to read and analyze. It was nice that earth wasn't the center of the universe for a while.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I agree Dc and Marvel both have some great characters and sometimes I feel like they forget about them.

Posted by Lion_Heart22
Theodore Edward Kord. We need Ted back.
Blue Marvel was all forgotten about
Elsa Bloodstone is awesome
Batroc needs more love
This is the greatest, most underrated, underused character ever.
And the first Union Jack, quite possibly the first costumed hero. He needs more recognition and be featured in period stories.
The original Black Captain America
Banshee should come back to life.

Dug real deep for some of these I guess

Posted by Gambit1024

Plastic Man, Orion, and Adam Strange quickly come to mind for me.

The last time they were truly given any light was Morrison's JLA years ago.

Posted by thatguy

Orion... Guy has such a great story to tell.

Atlas is another guy I liked. Dunno why. Possibly the random hood he wears. Should be taken as a more serious threat in my opinion.

Edited by BiteMe-Fanboy

Dick Tracy. We need a new ongoing.

Edited by BlackArmor
Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Lion_Heart22: OH My God. Ted Kord!!! I accidently left him off, I actually planned on putting him on the list. I'm going to put him on part 2

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@BiteMe-Fanboy: Definitely

Posted by GiantsizeManThing

All thing marvel horror.

Posted by Nudeviking

@GiantsizeManThing said:

All thing marvel horror.

Needs more Hellcow!

Posted by GiantsizeManThing

@Nudeviking: Sweet! he first appeared in giant size man thing #5

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH
Posted by GiantsizeManThing

@CEO_OF_FRESH: Agreed, especially satana.

Posted by maikkywin

For some reason I don't think Ragdoll has enough spotlight .

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@maikkywin: Yeah and the entire Secret Six for that matter. They have to go on part 2

Posted by Chevaliere

Terry. YES! I would LOVE to see him used more, and I think for a moment I was given a glimmer of hope only to have it smashed by the new 52.

Isaiah Bradley. Just too bad they had to go and put him in a wheel chair. I mean, he didn't need to stay Captain America (though the first thing that attracted me to him was t hat he was a big cool-looking black Captain America who looked freakin' awesome!), but now he's in a wheelchair.

Posted by SexualLobster

@Daveyo520 said:



Posted by Army2442

Blue Marvel

Edited by Daveyo520

@SexualLobster Ya. You hardly see him in anything.

Posted by The Man of Yesteryear

Onomatopoeia. He was the so badass in Green Arrow and then he gets flattened by some chump in Infinite Crisis.

Posted by ReVamp

@Daveyo520: A prize for you.

@The Man of Yesteryear said:

Onomatopoeia. He was the so badass in Green Arrow and then he gets flattened by some chump in Infinite Crisis.

Blah. All I can remember is him shooting Connor. That sh*t was so stupid. I just can't handle it. But yeah, I guess he deserves some love.

Posted by Daveyo520

@ReVamp: ;)

Posted by The Stegman
This entire team
Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@The Stegman: Don't Worry, they're going to be in part 2

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@The Man of Yesteryear: He was kinda of cool

Posted by RainEffect
Red Robin was on a great roll with linking her to possibly being Ra's al Ghul's means of getting a heir out of Tim.
Posted by EugeneSaxe

Plastic Man


Mr. Mxyz-----

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@EugeneSaxe: Plastic Man definitely, Mr. MYX too. Bizarro........ I don't know. It seems the older I get the less I like him

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@RainEffect: Yeah she was really great.

Posted by handsome_stud
Gladiator - Annihilators: Earthfall #4

I like this handsome young pup :

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Blackout he has great potential and deserves to be used more,perhaps even reboot his origin,Skinner and Meatmarket also need more love too,both of which are Ghost Rider villains too.

Posted by Superguy0009e

His name says it all, he needs more chances to shine or at least be in a big team book

Posted by Spectre108

Red Tornado

Posted by Mekboy

Michael Finnegan, Ian Nottingham and Danielle Baptiste.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH
Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Mekboy: Witchblade. AWESOME!!!

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