Completely Great Yet Underused Characters Pt. 2

Underused Verb: Use (something) below the optimum level:

Scandal Savage

Secret Six was one of the New 52 cancellations that hurt the most. It was one of my favorite ongoing series. Made partly because I love Scandal Savage so much. She's feisty, strong and determined. There are so many more stories that can be told with this character as an individual or back with the Secret Six. Hopefully she'll be appearing in a revival of that series in the coming year.


Cheshire is a great villain plain and simple. though armed with no superpowers, Cheshire brings rooms of attackers their knees. And on at least on occasion, acting on the will of herself, nuked a country. She's a master of martial arts, poisons, and trickery. Why can't we see more of her. She's gathering something of a fanbase on the Young Justice T.V. show, so this might be the perfect chance to reintroduce her to the new comic fans turned on by the show.

Doom Patrol

Robotman, Negative Man, Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, & The Chief.

These are classic characters from one of DC's best team. They've always shown a parallel to Marvel's X-Men, In that there abilities are looked at as both a blessing and a curse. And in a world where thousands of superheroes and villains show how great it is to have powers that's a refreshing outlook indeed. Though unlike, the X-Men the Doom Patrol have never been met with mass appeal. But if 52 taught me anything is that you don't need the heavy hitting A-list to write great stories, but the Doom Patrol had already shown me that in the past.

Will Magnus & The Metal Men

The Doom Patrol's Sister comic. I've always loved Will Magnus. And I originally couldn't saywhy. Don't get wrong he's a great character, but I really didn't know why he'd become one my favorite characters. The aforementioned 52 helped me understand. There something about his ability to try and do good and not use use gifts. Even though he knows he's capable of making remarkable, yet terrible things. The Metal Men are just as classic as the Doom Patrol and their comedic style is and like Doom Patrol is also refreshing.


Klaws of the Panther was one of my favorite trades that I read. It's the only comic that I've done a review for on this site. As terrible as my review is, if you read you can probably picture me squeeing with delight. I just loved Shuri so much. T'Challa is great I mean he's the classic great Black Panther, but honestly Shuri is the more interesting character. Whereas T'Challa is a level headed, thoughtful, diplomatic, restrained, and adaptable to most situations. Shuri can be brash, selfish, envious, and even blood thirsty. Over the years it's seemed like T'Challa had become this perfect hero and while his stories are usually good. Shuri's flaws would open up an entire new world for the Black Panther mythos. She recently appeared in Avengers Vs. X-Men, but she still has fewer than 100 appearances. Let's see more of her.

Maria Hill

Maria Hill is my favorite S.H.I.E.L,D operative of all time. I always loved her intelligence and dominating personality. She's like a female Fury(no pun intended) and she's awesome. She's not with SHEILD any more but she's still great with The Avengers. Now acknowledging that she's currently being featured in the The Avengers Book, The Avenger T.V. Show & The Avengers Movie. She's not really being underused in an appearances sense, but I don't think she's being used to her optimum potential. She's a great character and if she got some spotlight on her she could really shine. Instead being a supporting character, a recurring character, or a cameo. She could very well be boasted up to a main character.

Ted Kord

This is both selfish and a long shot. Ted Kord is my favorite Blue Beetle and one of my favorite characters. I thought he might reappear in the New 52 but with Jaime Reyes it seems that Ted won't be making any appearances. Don't get me wrong i love Jaime too. But I really wanted to seed Ted back in action again, and since he was killed off "for real" in the main continuity I'm still hoping this timeline can breath life back into the character.

In closing these are the characters I like to see more in the limelight of their respective universes. I am by no meaning saying this is some injustice or anything I just feel they would be better if they were used more.

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Posted by KidChipotle

Seeing Ted Kord in this.....I miss this guy.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@ArturoCalaKayVee:Me too brother, me too.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

I was going to save Ted Kord for the next list but I couldn't resist

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Scandal Savage: I tried getting into her character but she just never resonated 
Cheshire: She's ok the same as Scandel Savage although I like her more. 
Doom Patrol: I never could see the appeal. 
Will Magnus and the Metal Men: Same as Doom Patrol but I would like to see what a rebooted 52 version would look like. 
Shuri: Once she became Black Panther I had biased against. Should be only one BP she should have become something else. 
Ted Kord: I liked Ted Kord and I want to see him again although not as Blue Beetle. He was one of those characters who is more interesting then their Superhero identity. Let Jaime Reyes have the identity and do something else with Ted Kord.  
Maria Hill: Almost forgot her. Not sure she is under used. She is a good character far more suited to run SHIELD then Daisy Johnson but like all Shield agents they are just floaters.
Posted by Jnr6Lil

I think Ted Kord is the one person they'll never bring back.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I was really surprised that the Doom Patrol didn't get a shot when the New 52 came about. If any super-powered team fit in the atmosphere of the DCnU it was them. They were quirky and a little twisted, but still heroes through it all. So many of the old book have been retooled in such a way that they feel like the old Doom Patrol stories that it seems like they should have just brought them back.

As for Cheshire, with Lian no longer in existence I don't have much interest for either her or Roy.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: That's what I felt about Doom Patrol. I love Lian Harper too, but I also enjoy the stories with Cheshire and Roy(minus Rise Of Arsenal)

Posted by kid Apollo

fingers crossed that Ted Kord shows up in earth 2 or something. nuthin against jaime but teds got something special

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@kid Apollo: Me two Apollo.I really like Jaime, but Ted is just so close to my heart and is such an awesome character.

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Cardiac, Splice, Xraven, Slayback, Deadzone, Tattooed Man, Drakon. 
Alright, maybe only one or two are actually "great."  I'm just a sucker for the rest and would love to see them return.

Posted by funnyfishman

@ArturoCalaKayVee: Ted Kord was my favorite character in the DC universe and I miss him

Posted by Sharkbite

Secret Six leaves a hole in my heart that has not been filled since New52.

Doom Patrol fans, I encourage you to check out Ravagers. It's got Chief and Beast Boy reimagined for the New52, plus the remaining team roster members are somewhat tragic, tortured souls, often looking at their abilities as both a blessing and a curse. It almost feels as though they relaunched Doom Patrol, but with a differant title and a roster shake-up in order to lose the stigma that normally followed a Doom Patrol title.