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For Greed anyway maybe Penguin, Compassion Wonder Woman maybe, Death would be Hank Henshaw he is obcessed with death, Hope already has Ganther and Sayd, Love would be Carol Fenris.

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Ya it was bound to happen that a character would come about the could absorb powers would go on a rampage, I would sell my spleen to have his kind of power it would so ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

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He can manipulate genetic material on a genetic level, he has been seen using it on people and himself, can he use it on animal, plants or alien races. He gets tires after extensive uses of his powers but thats just cause his young I think. It would be so cool to see him grown up a enemy jumps at him and he justs touchs them and instant death every cell turned off or somethin equally cool. Plus he might be able to alter his own body in unimaginable ways altering his own genetic structure to make himself more powerful, in essence evolving himself.

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Its hard to now it wa said that when he was bonded with Darwin and was able to use his powers plus those of Petra and Sway that he was potentially as powerful as Galactus, but since Darwin was taken out of him he has only used his energy powers. He has VAST energy manipulation and absorption powers, since nearly everthing around us is energy of some kind ( thermal, kinetic, nuclear, photonic, electronic etc. ) He could be immensly powerful. Since he has the powers of Energy Manipulation and Energy Absorption just imagine finding a way to use Cosmic Energy like Galactus or The Silver Surfer has.

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Well it says on Wikipedia that his powers will be reduced to there former levels he was vaporized in the fight with the Guardian of the Universe, and that he will lead a new League of Supervillians. He will still be faster, stronger etc. and be immune to kryptonite and resistant to magic so its not all bad, and he might be able to find a way to get back that extra power some way.